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Santander Consumer / their error that goes on and on

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I paid off my 7 year auto loan with santander in the spring of 2012. It had originally been with citibank, but they sold me over to santander a few years in.

I had them on auto-pay for years, never missed a payment. I felt that my car should have been paid off in february 2011, but they took a payment in march and another in april. I called them to see when it would be paid off, and I was informed that I had one payment left and that they would not and could not take it automatically, that I had to mail them a check. I felt uneasy about it, but pulled two money orders for the total amount they requested. One was the amount of my loan payments and one for 'extra interest' I guess, and mailed them off.

Within a couple of days of that they did indeed run a payment through my checking account which was returned. I called them as soon as I saw it hit my bank, told them that they certainly had the money orders or would any minute now. They said, don't worry, it will all work out.

They 'misapplied' one of the money orders, or maybe the returned payment made its way onto a list of customers to call and abuse. I had to order the cancelled money orders and mail them copies, which I did immediately.

The next 6 weeks were hell. They called at all hours, twice they woke us up at night, they tried to trick my husband into making another payment. When I told them "why would I pay perfect for 7 years, then not make the last payment" half of them said "your right, excuse the call" and half of them were abusive and just seemed to be enjoying harassing someone.

In the meantime I had to pay for the returned check fee and the money order request fee. I got my copies, mailed them off and the harassment stopped.

After that part of the mess was over, I found, mixed in my pile of collection letters from them, my title and a congratulations and thank you for paying off your loan letter dated for the week they got the money orders. They knew all along it was their mistake.

If you look at my credit file, it looks like I stopped paying in january. Not true, and I can prove it. I paid on time, in full, every time for 7 years.

To this day I am still fighting with them to get my credit bureaus straight. They have never apologized for the abuse or for their mistake. I have a letter from them saying very vaguely that they would correct my credit but not saying why or what.

So, they made a mistake, abuse med, made another mistake (although it feels like it was on purpose) on my credit bureau.

One of my credit cards reduced the amount that I can charge, siting this issue. That hurt my credit. Too. It's like a never ending domino effect that only hurts me.

If I were to get another car loan, which I would like to do right now, banks would charge me higher interest. That is so unfair, that they control my credit rating even when they are wrong.

If i, a customer who paid for 7 years without missing a beat, have been this abused and mistreated, there has to be a class action lawsuit out there. Or at least a lawsuit for me. Where do I find a lawyer for this type of situation?

Thank you, bridget

May 10, 2013
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      24th of May, 2013
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    They count on people not knowing their rights. This is a matter that you can straighten out. Go to and post your question. Lotsa people there with experience on this.

    Don't let them get away with this.

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