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Samsung french (3 door) refrigerators are
Poorly designed.
I have one! Bought it at best buy — great price!
Bought it in august 2015. My son advised me to buy an lg. That is important to this rant! I'm 79 and do need advice from time to time. Didn't take it because I liked the very similar samsung model better. If my husband were alive, I would never have been able to buy an extended warranty, but thank god I did. It wasn't cheap - its a 5 year warranty.
I am on my third ice maker, plus a repair to the latest model ice maker samsung changed to because of "problems" with their ice makers. Had service yesterday. Best buy's service is really good - but... They have to work with the parts samsung sends to your home.
Needless to say - now the ice maker is icing up. Yesterday's problem was that for a week, I could have opened a snow cone stand, as the only ice I could get was snow! Today's problem is that I get half ice cubes and some snow,
(understand this makes a wet mess on the fridge front and floor). After yesterday's repair and part replacement, the inside of the recently, but not yesterday, installed samsung's new and better ice makers is iced up inside. So now I have to wait a week for an appointment so they can get new parts to me.
Shame on best buy for still carrying this beast of a fridge. Best buy knows there is an ice maker problem with this brand - and I know this is now well documented all over the internet, however greater shame to samsung, a company with a good reputation, for keeping this problem going. They can't solve this??? I can't get a new fridge under warranty because guess what? Ice makers aren't guaranteed in the warranty of fridges. If you are even thinking of buying a samsung refrigerator - do your homework, and listen to your friends and family. I have other trouble free samsung products, so I trusted the brand. Don't! Don't buy their appliances!!!

  • Updated by Barbara Bove, Oct 28, 2017

    another repair appointment next Saturday

Oct 28, 2017
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      Oct 28, 2017

    Ice makers are definitely something that's covered under warranty, especially the manufacturer's. The fact that Best Buy isn't covering it is a reflection of their extended warranty, not Samsung.

    When making a more substantial purchase, I determine up front whether additional warranty coverage is important to me and then will purchase through a retailer with the type of extended service I'd expect.

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