Samsung Electronics / the water entered to my s7 edge


Hello, I am Ahmet. I am writing to you from Turkey.

I know that I must send e-mail to Samsung technical service in Turkey, but they in Turkey behaviours very rude and they always put the blame on customers. So, I have no choice from other writing you. Please, help me.

A glass of water pour out the cell phone in 09/05/2017 . The water entered to the cell phone. Suddenly, I called the Samsung Support line. They suggested to the cell phone off. Because of the eid, they delayed to receive date for the cell phone. I gave up my cell phone to Samsung technical service in Maltepe/Ankara (work order no: [protected]). They said that user error but I said, there is waterproof feature in the cell phone’s properties. Although I obeyed all the rules about using cell phone, it got out of order because of the water pouring. After I talk about the problems on it, they said ‘How can we know you to be honest?’. They were really rude. When I gave up the cell phone, they said that the user error after looking the phone within 60 seconds. I understood that whatever I do, Samsung technical service personals will say user error. Finally, they decided to blame to me about usage error and wanted to 1100 (350$) Turkish lira for renovation.

My first smart telephone was Galaxy S3 and I have Samsung TV(46es6340), 2 Samsung powerbank .My brother has Galaxy S3, my wife has Galaxy S4 (Now I think that ı buy him Note8). I always recommend Samsung mobilphone to people around me. Now, I ask you. ‘’ How can I trust Samsung after this.’

Sep 24, 2017

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