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I attend a community college and was offered this "amazing deal" for salon save back in February. I'll admit that the way they talked so highly about it won me over. Little did I know how much i would regret it. Once I got home and looked up the salons in my area I saw how low end they were and saw they had terrible yelp reviews. Lets put it this way, they were complete TRASH. So i emailed salon save because thats the only way to contact them and they told me that I would have to wait 5 months. After I explained how upset I am they still tried to tell me that they are good salons and I can not cancel my contract. So fine, I let it go and I counted down the days till the 5 month period ended. So here I am, TWO MONTHS LATER receiving a phone call that my credit card is being declined and how I need to pay them for the two months i'm "behind" or I will be sent to collections. I explained to Kelly (the caller) that I was told my account would be cancelled after 5 month and she simply told me that it would only be cancelled if I emailed them 30 days prior. At this point i'm about to lose my mind. I then calmly tell her that i figured since i had already emailed about canceling they would have it in their system to cancel me when my time was up. Clearly not the case. She told me that I can make payments or pay in full. I don't have the money. I'm a full time college student with a part time job that can barely pay my bills. I don't plan on paying them anytime soon. I hope this gets out and nobody ever spends their money on this crap. Please let me know how serious they are about sending to collections, I would think since their business is a joke then so are their threats, but you never really know.

Sep 09, 2015

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