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I went into Sally's to buy my usual stuff I have been going to Sally's for many years I know what I like I know what I use for my hair there was a girl working that told me I was using all the wrong colors completely talk to me into buying something that I did not want now I have green hair and I am very unhappy I am actually irate right now and I will be...

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8:09 pm EDT
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Sally's buy one/get one free (bogo) - lied - told me the sale was over!!

I have visited this same store for many years and haven't had any problems until today.

I visited Sally Beauty today mainly because of a BOGO sale that is advertised online. Sally Beauty Company #2352, 291 N. Hubbard Lane, Louisville, KY Phone number, [protected].

I asked one of the sales staff about Proclaim Relaxer and Proclaim Coconut Deep Conditioning and I was told the sale was over.

When I was checking out, the cash register showed BOGO so she told me this and went to retrieve the free items which were out of stock on the floor.

I asked if I could get a rain check and was told she didn't think so but she asked the manager I presumed at the remaining register who said the sale was over.

I politely paid for the mentioned items above and when I got home, I checked Sally's website and discovered the sale was ongoing and wouldn't be over until 6/30/17.

I ordered more items from the BOGO sale because it is a very good sale and I wouldn't have gone to the store otherwise.

The manager is a rather large woman and her attitude is larger. She has a nasty disposition. I wonder how she remains in business with her attitude and zero social skills.

Needless to say, that was my last visit to that particular store.

I was cheated out of the products mentioned above and lied to on top of being cheated because someone was either too trifling or lazy to check and see if the sale was actually over.

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1:07 am EDT
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Sally's jocylen beauty cashier

Everything was ok until I started needing assistance on the product i wanted. It was locked and needed a key to purchase it so I kindly waited for someone to help me. As the lady Jocylen finally walked up and opened the lock. I asked her is it on sale because the tag above it said 99.99? She said yes so I said I'll take it. She pulled it out of the locked case and started to ring me up. But then it scanned 129.00 ...
I asked what was the problem? She said " oh I guess it's in the wrong place" I said "well I didn't put it there, it's obviously locked up with a key so an employee had to have put it there for a reason. Do you think I can have the item for what your tag says considering that's what it states?" She said " I'm not gonna deal with u we don't do that here. If u want to purchase this item you can come back when my managers here I'm not selling you nothing!" I said "excuse me?" She tells me "let me call my manager Stella and ask her to drive down here to ring you up because Im not gonna deal with you"
So I let her call her manager because I was really curious what she had to say.. So as I'm hearing her explain the situation to her Boss she's telling her that yes the product was in the wrong place locked up and yes the price did say 99.99 but she wasn't going to give me that price because it was wrong. Her manager asked her did it say 99.99 and she replied yes that's what the price was..
So she starts asking the manager off duty to drive to the location to ring me up because she didn't want to deal with my attitude. I then shout out while she's on the phone" all I want to do is purchase my item and your refusing to ring me up in front of my kids because your sign is wrong and I'm upset for good reasons and im getting treated poorly by you as and employee and I'm the customer " I said how dare you! She then tells her manager" do u hear her she's yelling and being rude" I tell her " you are so unprofessional and so is your manager for allowing you to treat customers like that." I mean honestly is it the customers fault that the item is put in the wrong place? I mean I can understand if the item was randomly put somewhere and someone picks it up thinking it's that price when it's not but in my case it's different because it was in a locked case with that price on it. So obviously a trained employee knew what they were doing right? I mean that's what customers are expected to think. I finally saw another employee and she kindly rang me up for another item but it still wasn't what I wanted .. I started to cry because my kids witnessed it all and i really felt humiliated and hated to see my kids witness that type of behavior.. The lady who rang me up tell me don't cry and give me a tissue while the rude women stood behind me sweeping and acting as if she had no care in the world.
I hope this complaint helps fix something hopefully it doesn't get brushed off. My trip into that store ruined mine and my kids day! I will never forget the way I was treated..

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