Sainsburys Homebase / Rememberance Sunday

Epsom, England, Surrey, GB

I was shopping in Sainsburys Homebase in Epsom, Surrey this morning. My shop visit coincided with the two minutes silence held for Rememberance Sunday. An overhead tannoy informed all in the store that the two minutes silence would now be starting. Unfortunately the store 'background' music continued to play throughout the two minutes of silence. No mention or apology was made explaining/apologising for the blatant lack of respect that was shown by the Homebase staff in the Epsom branch for not turning off the music during the two minutes of 'silence'. When I questioned the staff at the Customer Service desk asking them why the music hadn't been turned off I received two responses as follows: ' I have only worked here for two weeks and don't know where the button is.' and ' Yea, I dont know how to turn the music off.'
I think this is an utter disgrace and am appalled at the staff's lack of respect,

Mrs Sophie Benham


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