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I am disgusted with Safestyle UK. After quotes and survey by them, they advised that we should have "trickle vents" put in all the windows. After installation, all the windows are now noisier and colder than before. I then complained to them and they finally changed some of the vents but the net result is the same. They are cold and noisy and whistle badly on windy days. 14 months later they are now saying that they are not prepared to do any more and are walking away from the problem. The problem was compounded by their totally inadequate complaints procedure. They don't call back, you chase and they don't seem to know what the situation is and take another few days just to find out. We finally got a surveyor (we've had lots) who agreed that the vents should not have been installed and agreed to replace all windows affected. Dates were all set and then they decided not to go ahead (due to cost) with the replacement but to try different vents. The net result was the same.
I would therefore, NEVER use them again and would strongly deter any other potential customers from doing so. They are unreliable and totally unprofessional!

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  • Bl
      Aug 13, 2014

    We had new windows and doors installed by this company over ten years ago which realise the grantee has run out but we are trying to sell the property and the surveyor is saying they haven't put enough support round the doors and windows and this is going to cost us to put right surly safestyle should be responsible

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  • An
      May 02, 2015

    Every window installed had been botched had there surveyor round he was in disbelief but he knows seriou problems but he want cheapest way of doing them

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