SafeCo Insurance Company / terrible service

Tulare CA, United States

My home was burgarlized and had several high items stolen. When I filed the complaint with Safeco, they gave me a confusing spread sheet of what my items were valued at and then what the depreciation value was. I received a check of a $1.83 from them. I had to pay for the items out of pocket and they decided what the value was, despite the fact that I provided them receipts. A laptop that I paid $439, they pad me $301. I replaced an Ipad mini and paid $247. When they received the receipt, they said they did not owe me any other money, because as they put it, "They paid me upfront", even though I never received any money, other than the $1.83 (Yes, that is ONE dollar and 83 cents). They are a deceitful company and they don't care about their clients. PLEASE do not ever use them.

Apr 22, 2014

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