Safe Touch SecurityPoor monitoring service


On Saturday, Nov.6, 2010 I spoke with a supervisor ref. Safetouch not responding to a breakage in my kitchen. I was told that they did not receive a signal. The last time Safetouch didnot respond to my alarm was approx 3 months ago, it was also on a Saturday, my concern is that I am not receiving proper monitoring over the weekend. I was placed on hold for 23 min. I called again using my cell phone. I then spoke with a Super. by the name of Christian, she was of no help, she told me first that I was not covered with breakage, I told her that I was, and that the last 911 call was made by Safetouch for my location was because of breakage that occured in my kitchen. She told me that they did not receive a breakage alarm from my location today (11-6-10) and that if she dispatched a technician that I would have to pay for a service call, if the system was working correctly. I told her that I could not afford to pay a technician to come out. She went ahead and set up an appt. for Wed. 11-10-10. She told me that she would also test my line. She gave me a code to key into my pad (0852 Key Twice ). My phone line went dead. Christian never called back to tell me if my line was clear. I think that this is a very poor way to do business. My monitoring service fee is taken out of my account on a monthly basis, never late. I donot think that I am being unreasonable to ask for assistance when it is needed. I rate your week end monitoring service including supervision as very poor. I would like a call back from a management person, other than Christian. I would like to know if you are picking up signals from my home? If you are not I would like a refund for the time that I was not monitored. Thanks for your time. Mrs. S. Dukes

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