Safe Touch Security / Equipment does not work as promised

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They brag about their wireless service, and 2 way communication. However, the wireless system never worked. First they said it was because there was a cell tower near by which interrupted the signal. But it took them 6 months to figure that out, and they had to run wires all through the house. Then they said we had an 'outdated' box, and we had to pay to upgrade.
They also say that you can set off your alarm to test it once a month. Then they said you are REQURED to set it off once a month.
When I went to cancel the service after 5 years, they said we had 3 months free, to the contract didn't start until the 4th month.
Out of the 5 years I had the service, I can only say they 'verified' an alarm, once.

Nov 22, 2016

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