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Safe touch / Jackie Schroyer

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Safe touch
9550 Sunbeam road
Lester Jackson, 04-21-09

My name is Jackie Schroyer. I was a employee of Safe touch. I Jackie Schroyer was employed with Safe touch from March 05, 2009 until April 21, 2009. My position was a Service Floor Supervisor And I was wrongfully terminated due to a conversation that took place between myself, Mrs.Race, and Adam Hamlet. I'm not sure of the exact date of this conversation, but if you speak with Mark Allen, Reggie Bones, or Adam Hamlet they would be able to inform you of the specific date and time that this took place. I do however remember the conversation. And this conversation was the reason I was wrongfully terminated. I was transferred a call from Khadija ( a service rep) to speak with a upset customer. I then took over the call. Mrs.Race was very upset that in order to replace her system it would be a price of $250.00 due to a lightening strike, and $299.00 for a radio back up. At the beginning of this conversation, I had Adam Hamlet sitting at his desk in back of me. I then placed Mrs.Race on mute and spoke with Adam Hamlet. He informed me of the obvious, lightening strikes aren't covered under warranty. I then informed Mrs.Race of this information. Mrs.Race was very upset. Mrs.Race then went on regarding her cell-back up. I then informed Mrs.Race that a cell-back up there would be a charge of $299.00. She was extremely upset due to having to purchase another one, and didn't have the money to do so. At this time, Adam Hamlet was standing right next to Khadija at her desk. I then placed Mrs.Race on another brief hold, and consulted Adam Hamlet. Adam Hamlet then informed me after having to speak with Mrs.Race for so long on the phone, that what we will do is schedule a appointment to go to her home and take a look at the cell-back up that she already has to see if in deed that it needed to be replaced. But if she did actually need one that there would be a charge of $299.00 I then informed Mrs.Race of the conversation that took place with myself and Adam Hamlet. Mrs.Race was still upset. I then placed Mrs.Race on hold another time. I conversed with Adam Hamlet again. Adam Hamlet then stated to myself, to inform Mrs.Race that if she didn't have the money to purchase a cell-back up at this time, it would be her decession. Mrs.Race also was speaking about getting rid of her home phone. I then in turn informed Mrs.Race about the ATA and the price of the ATA would be 89.00 due to her having a one story home. I informed Mrs.Race that she would need a working router. This is how the conversation took place. My notes are in the account, as well as myself and Mrs.Race conversation is on the recording. During the whole conversation between myself and Mrs.Race I was consulting with Adam Hamlet to make sure I was stating the correct facts to the customer. Not knowing this conversation would result in my termination.
I do feel that I was wrongfully terminated. I was brought into the conference room around 2:15pm on the 21st of April, to be told I was terminated by Mark Allen. I was occupied by Khadija, Adam Hamlet as well as Reggie Bones. Mark Allen informed myself 2 minutes after walking in the room that I was terminate, I then was in shock. I asked him why, and Mark Allen then informed myself that he didn't want to waste his time to explain it to me. The only thing Mark Allen did state to myself is that it was due to the conversation between myself and Mrs.Race. Mark Allen stated that I was extremely rude to the customer and don't deserve to be employed with Safe touch. Khadija was informed to be better trained in radio-back ups. I then tried to explain to Mark Allen that I was speaking to Adam Hamlet at the same time as Mrs.Race. And Mark Allen interrupted myself and didn't want to hear anything I had to say. At this time I didn't know exactly what part of the conversation with myself and Mrs.Race resulted in my termination.
Prior coming to Safe touch, I was also employed with another alarm company, that I left when Adam Hamlet informed myself that I would be a great asset to the Safe touch Company. I was only employed with Safe touch 1 month and 2 weeks before I was terminated. I wasn't even out of my probation period. I do believe that I should of been taken to the side, and told to listen to the recording and been asked "What part of this conversation did you do wrong?"And make sure it doesn't happen again. I am still in a 90 days probation period. When I first came to Safe touch I was only a service representative for 3 days and then put up to the Service Floor Supervisor that I was hired for. I wasn't even trained, I basically had to learn as I go. And till this day I do feel that I did a very good job. Now take in mind I haven't been with this company before and they have more panels than I was accustomed to. I didn't even know anything at all regarding ATA's. And during my employment with Safe touch, not one time did I get a complaint. I was a very dependable employee. I even was there 10-15 minutes every morning before my shift. I brought work home and stayed up till midnight working on it, and then e-mailed it to my computer at work. Adam Hamlet even stated that I was very good working with the customers that were upset, so those calls were transferred to myself. Now mind you I still don't know why I was terminated. I was escorted out of the building around 2:20 PM on the 21st of April and provided Josh my Safe touch bag when exiting the building.
I then tried calling Adam Hamlet as well as Reggie Bones on the drive home to find out exactly why I was terminated. They didn't answer there phone at that time. I then received a miss call and voicemail from Adam Hamlet at 5:20pm on the 21st of April that same day. I do still have the voicemail Adam Hamlet left on my cell phone. On the recording Adam Hamlet informed me to call him back he is at home now. I then returned his call on his cell phone. The conversation I did in fact record for my benefit, due to myself being wrongfully terminated. I asked Adam Hamlet why I was terminated, he then informed myself that it was due to not transferring a call to Reggie Bones. I didn't understand what he was stating. I then asked Adam Hamlet what he meet. Adam Hamlet stated that when the recording was listened to with myself and Mrs.Race that due to the customer being upset regarding the cell-back up and not wanted to pay for it, that I should of transferred the call to Reggie Bones. I was shocked by that statement coming from him. Adam Hamlet stated that I did nothing wrong with the call. That I was very polite to the customer and handled the call as he would of. Adam Hamlet stated that he informed Mark Allen that the information that was provided to myself during the conversation with Mrs.Race he provided to me. Adam Hamlet also stated during my recorded conversation, that I was a very good employee with Safe touch. And this was Mark Allen's decision not his. Adam Hamlet stated to myself on the recorded conversation that the call between myself and Mrs.Race should of been transferred to Reggie Bones. I then stated to Adam Hamlet that if he would of told me to transfer the call to Reggie Bones I would of indeed. I mean I was speaking with Adam Hamlet who is over Reggie Bones, . Adam Hamlet stated to myself that if he would of know this would of happened he would of told me to transfer the call to Reggie Bones, but he didn't think it would be necessary to do so, he thought the customer just wanted something for nothing. But I will be a good asset to another company but unfortunately Mark Allen stated it won't be with Safe touch.
Now I don't know weather or not when everyone was listening to the recording that Adam Hamlet really informed Mark Allen what actually took place or not. Because during the meeting we had last week with Mark Allen, Adam Hamlet was informed by Mark Allen that if he didn't do better as his job, he will be replaced. So maybe the truth wasn't told by Adam Hamlet. Adam Hamlet may of thought his job was in jeopardy. But if you Lester Jackson actually listen to the recording you can tell how many times Mrs.Race was muted out. And during the mutes I myself was speaking with Adam Hamlet. Adam Hamlet should be the one terminated, not myself. But unfortunately I can't change that. I did want to inform yourself Lester Jackson that I Jackie Schroyer will be taking legal action due to a wrongfully termination. I will not do so if I am reimbursed for my pain in suffering in this case and Adam Hamlet terminated, which should of took place in the beginning not myself. I don't think that you take in fact that I have a 3 children and a husband that is on disability. This job was my income in my household. I now am not able to pay my rent or my car payment, as well as support my children due to being wrongfully terminated by Safe touch.
I see you adds on T. V how you seem to want to make your customers happy, but what about your employees. it seems that you don't care about there well being with your company at all.. Like were a dime a dozen. One leaves, just replace them. I also coming into your company referred my mother to your company and my grandmother who now is at ADT. They were both going to speak with Sales Department on how they could go about transferring there service because I spoke so fondly of the company. Now that this situation took place, they no longer will. They have also informed some of there friends of this situation and they also will not be coming to your company. They all looked at they way you treat your employees and feel that as a customer of Safe touch they won't be treated well. They way you treat your employees would be they way your customers will be treated. I do want a return response on this e-mail, if not I Jackie Schroyer will take legal action on Safe touch.

Thank you,
Jackie Schroyer

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N  23rd of Apr, 2009 by 
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If you want a response so bad, you should probably send your letter to Safe Touch and not here on a complaint board. Also, how is it that you can't make your rent payment or you car payment or support your children, yet you have an attorney on retainer? Also, if you live in FL there is no such thing as wrongful termination. An employer in FL does not have to have a reason to terminate an employee, you could be fired because your boss didn't like the color shirt you were wearing when you came in that morning. So really you are just wasting your breath, go collect unemployment while you are looking for another job.
N  1st of Mar, 2010 by 
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Army wife,
how about you go collect some compassion while you are looking for a heart.
A  5th of Aug, 2010 by 
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I totally relate!! Since I've worked for them, I would never buy their product. It really made me mad on my first day of work there and pamphlet gets handed to me stating that if I don't put God first in my life, I am of no use to this company. Hello, I am a pagan. So if anyone reading this is a pagan, or practices Islam, or Hinduism, or a atheist or agnostic, or Judaism, or practices anything that is not Christian based, forget it. You are garbage to them. I thought telling people what they have to believe in at work was against the law? But they obviously don't care about the law.

Then not even a week of working there, one of their supervisors slips me their number and wants me to sit next to him at work, because they are all goody goody, but you know he hears pagans are loose, sooooo can't pass that up. I'm new, and desperate for work, and he's a supervisor. I've never had that happen to me. He asked me for my number, and I just gave it to him to get him off my back, but I never answered the phone when he called.

Then a week later I'm let go because I'm not doing my job. I am told I only set 2 appointments when in reality I set 6 and had one sale. I guess that is what you get if you don't go to church with them and sleep with their bosses
N  17th of Feb, 2011 by 
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I know how they run the place. It's all based on greed. It was hell and you are absolutely right. We need to make a youtube video--contact me.
A  17th of Feb, 2011 by 
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Haha...watch out for the truth to hit the media. Employees and customers will strike back. There is power in numbers!!!
A  29th of Jun, 2011 by    Agree Disagree 0 Votes
Well here I am an ex employee effective today and I can't do anything but laugh because after one week of working there, I told my husband they were so shady and because of their benefits or lack there of, I felt like they would fire me because of my being pregnant. At my interview I wasn't showing but by time my start date, I was showing and felt like everyone was looking at me like "how did we let that slip past us" and I felt this way because of the way I see customers being treated as well as employees...I asked several people about vendors and noted I needed to know so I can plan ahead for my maternity leave this coming November but no one would give me information stating that we would find out after our 90 days. Well, a few people hint me off that there is no fmla and medical insurance is very expensive with deductibles u will never be able to meet under this salary...this is why I haven't slept well the past couple of nights the feeling was so strong that they would fire me before my due date neared. There reason was because I was txting during training...while I wasn't the only one txting out of my training peers and my trainer was txting also. The head of HR was txting while interviewing me for crying out loud!! Lol so why was I singled out?? I know why but how can I prove this discrimination? I wasn't lacking in any area as it pertained to performing my job...if I may add, the training we were in this morning where I was noted and accused of txting wasnt even any training directly related to what I was hired to do.
N  25th of Sep, 2013 by 
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I was about to apply with Safe Touch but after coming across this I think I will pass. I have enough stress in my laugh without of that. Good luck to you!
N  25th of Sep, 2013 by 
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