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Ryan Homes a Name You Cannot trust! For far too long I have waited in the wings while my Significant Other, has posted technical details of our Builder’s defect, a home built by Ryan homes. I have never stepped up to the limelight to expose the emotional devastations of what living through this is like.

I thought it would consume me, but watching Ryan feast on their wealth with no regard for the lives of those that trusted them to build them a safe secure home, this is an insidious injustice that simply mustn't be allowed to continue to families all around the United States.

This is not some hypothetical of what it would be like, this is what really happened in our lives as a direct result of Ryan Homes building me a home with a hidden defect that would eventually develop into 7 different kinds of toxic molds, and usher in illness, financial devastation and losses to this day, we are far from recovery. Some parts our lives now just gone, lost in the aftermath forever.

Those happy with their current Ryan Homes, God Bless you, count your blessings, but don’t even bother to comment to me about complaining. This is not about complaining. This is about culpability and reckless abandonment from a Builder my Father entrusted right before we lost him unexpectedly, to build me my first home, so he would have peace of mind that I would have a home if anything should happen to him.

An Honored American Veteran who served our country in Wars, and worked in Washington in the Intelligence of the Pentagon. He passed away just a few weeks before the construction was completed. I thought this was one grace, this place, this builder, this haven. I had no clue the nightmare Ryan would deliver in it’s wake.

I even called them, sent packages of pictures the defect had resulted in, only to be told that they were so wealthy, with a large team of multi billion dollar Lawyers, that I could just try and see if I could do anything to them. No offers for assistance. Just a corrupt consciousness Home builder, as is in our particular case, and many others who write our website that have had awful experiences with Ryan Homes looking to use for any help we can offer them. A conglomerate hoarding their riches, their greed for wealth, no conscious reaching for more, turning a deliberate blind eye to the defective homes, and lives left to recover from ruins anyway they could find without their assistance.

My home insurance company at the time, said because of the defect in the construction of the home, they had no obligations to intervene, 3 renovations later with no assistance we sit in the aftermath of once a financially secure, debt free life, still sorting through boxes of stuff from a temporary apt we had to rent being so ill being exposed to toxins the defect introduced. We did all of the renovations by ourselves with masks on, no one helped. Now being back in our home, we are in prayer and starting to analyze how to start over, it’s not like we are in our twenties anymore.

Negligent Home Builders need to be accountable! I am sure there are some authentic and honest earnest Builders out there, but Ryan can't fit those shoes. It’s reprehensible that they get to live lives of wealth and jet setting, and we are left to unscramble the rubix cube our lives have become from buying a Home from them.

Ryan Homes a name you can trust- that’s their slogan- yeah well I did, and my life will never be the same. Our website has details and pics for those interested, just type Ryan Homes into your search engine and you will see our site on our nightmare in recovery.

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  • St
      Apr 20, 2010

    Absolutely the worst home I have ever owned. Cheap fixtures, poor trim, barely acceptable construction methods, I can go on and on.

    My house is poorly insulated (bare minimum)my gas bill is crazy in the winter.

    No wall is straight they had to redo everything.

    The plumbing doesn't line and nothing is normal stuff you can get a supply store so repairs are a lot of fun.

    You must have a home inspection done and make sure they fix everything before you move in or you will get stuck.

    Their warranty people break and damage things when they come in to make warranty repairs.

    It has been a nightmare dealing with these people. The sales people lied about everything including trim and appliance upgrades .

    Do yourself a favor and don't buy from Ryan Homes

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  • Me
      Jun 27, 2010

    Check out and

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  • Me
      Jun 27, 2010

    Check out and

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