Rugs USA / item was never delivered

We needed a new rug for our living room and we decided to go to RUGS USA since they had what looked like a great promotion - if you bought a rug you'd get a runner and another small area rug for free.

The website looked professional and the name had "USA" in it so it promised world class quality.

Instead, we got swindled. We got 1 rug of the 3 they promised. They never delivered the 2 additional rugs included in the promotion. They did email us to say 'they were out of stock' on one of the promotional rugs and asked if we still wanted the other one. We said yes. We never received the other 2 rugs. We called them directly 4 times over 2 months and gave them a chance to rectify the situation. We asked to speak to the managers. We asked for a callback. We were repeatedly told 'they are not available'.

After 4 months we gave them a final call and left voicemail requesting a callback and we never got one.

I won't tell you not to buy from RUGS USA.
I'm just writing this to let others know that RUGS USA gave us a bait and switch.
And that when we complained to them directly, they refused to speak to us.
And that it's my opinion that any company that treats its customers this way doesn't deserve to have "USA" in their name.
They should be forced to remove "USA" from their name.

If you ask me what I think their new domain name should be, I will tell you it's my opinion that they should register or

I will continue to have this opinion about the company and tell everyone I know about my experience until (if ever) it is rectified.



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