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I went to Ruby Tuesday of Trussville, Al yesterday and had, by far, worst experience I've ever had at a restaurant. First, we go in and we have to wait to be seated when half of the tables were empty. This was not a big problem for us because we found out they were short staffed. They were doing what they could with that. The major problem was the waiter and the young lady, who I assume was a manager, came out and questioned us about coupons that your company mailed to us. They mailed 4 coupons to my home and we were able to use all four separately because there were four families present, each paying their own bill. We gave them to the waiter at the time of ordering our food so that the credit could be applied accordingly. The female comes out with the coupons and says, " So you all brought these coupons in with you?" I stated, "yes we did." "So, you all gave a coupon?" I then stated again, "Yes each one of us gave him a coupon." Ok. She makes a bit of small talk and walks away. I was a little taken aback by her questioning the coupons that YOUR company mailed out. The wait for the food was longer than normal but it was expected due to being short staffed. The young man, however, was horrible. The only refill we received was on my daughter's tea and I had to stop him as he walked past our table with the pitcher from someone else.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Trussville, AL My mom's steak was medium when she specified well done. It was sent back with no issue. The problem came in when she had to ask him to bring it back. He completely forgot about her. He was so unattentive that we even had to ask for our ticket and it took so long for him to come back to our table to pick the payment back up to process the payments that we asked the bar to check us out. She could not and called for him. When he finally came back out he stood and talked with a table that were putting coats on to leave and had paid their bills. We were in disbelief, that he literally stood next to us and ignored that we had requested to pay our bill. Blatant disrespect and disregard was all that he displayed. This establishment was sad, to say the least, from the bar not being stocked, to having the worst server ever on staff. He even brought me three dessert boxes to put my entire ribeye steak and potato in. I was not able to eat due to my motherly duties with my one year old but he could have given one large to go box. That's what my mom's food was FINALLY brought out in. Just very dissatisfied overall. We asked for refills to go which he did not bring to our table he waited for us to walk by and handed them to my father, who owns a restaurant, instead of being a man and bringing them to us. This was supposed to be a celebration for my mom's birthday. Well that was a complete bust.

Jan 16, 2017
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      Jan 16, 2017

    1. Sounds like the manager was just verifying the use of the coupons. What's wrong with that?
    2. You already stated they were short-staffed so that may have explained some of the poor service. Maybe the guy was new. Maybe he just isn't very smart. Give him a break. How can not providing refills and being tardy with your bill equate to the worst restaurant experience ever??
    3. Obviously the steak issue was not his fault, he doesn't cook the food
    4. Thank you for not mentioning his name because this is a public website and I don't believe in embarrassing people.
    5. Did you speak to the manager about the service?

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