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Raleigh, North CarolinaR, US

On 18 nov 17, I along with 7 others chose your restaurant on capital blvd in raleigh north carolina, to celebrate my nieces birthday. I along with the birthday girl arrived at your ruby tuesday at approximately 8pm... The dinner celebration started out very nicely considering we (6 atthe time... The other 2 would be arriving within 30 minutes which we involved our host and and our waiter... Whom we would latet discover by way of the night manager was very new to the wait staff) but from that point on, our service was straight out of a television - what would you do show.

Let me clue you in on just a few of the things that went completely wrong

1. The young waiter that took our order was clearly under trained as shown by his lack of attention to details and his ability to get our orders right. He had trouble remembering who ordered what...

2. About five months ago I stopped eating both beef and pork, and even though I do eat chicken I was dying to try your salmon dish which had been recommended by the birthday girl. Since it was going to be the first my first time trying salmon, I also ordered a second entree... Your chicken and pasta... My salmon entree arrived first and after taking just one bite of it, I found that fish texture to be very wet and I asked my niece who had had it before if it was supposed to be that wet... She took her fork to sample it and told be, no the salmon was under cooked. She then informed the waiter and he took my plate away but not before asking me if I just wanted him to ask the cook to put it back on the grill to cook longer. Before I could even answer him my niece told him to please bring my aunt a new piece of fully cooked salmon.

3. The following other things were wrong with our order... One guest was missing her garlic mashed potatoes, another was missing her shrimp

4. The night manager arrived at our table around the same time that my chicken entree arrived and she apologized for the under cooked salmon. She informed me that she would take care of my salmon dish) and when it came out the second time the manager also brought out 3 complementary desserts 1 cheesecake for the birthday girl and 2 bowls of ice cream for the rest of our now party of 8 minus the birthday girl to share
I told the manager that I didn't really like cheesecake and asked to order the apple crisp and she informed me that they were out, so I asked to order a different cake with ice-cream and chocolate sauce which she quickly said that the restaurant was also out of my second choice, but that she would give me a slice of the strawberry cheesecake

5. My salmon with bourbon sauce had finally arrived and I will be the first to say that it was delicious that is at least what I was allowed to eat was great and I was really enjoying my dinner right up til the time that the young unexperienced waiter arrived with what I thought at the time was a complimentary piece of cheesecake that I didn't really want, and as I was placing a fork filled with your delicious garlic potatoes into my mouth, the waiter took my entree plate away which I was clearly not done with and placed the cheesecake in its place... The answer is no! he never even asked me if I was done... The entire party started to lol... The manager came back to our table and I informed her what the waiter had done and again she apologized.

6. I was drinking sweet tea and my niece who was sitting to my left was drinking unsweetened iced tea, we both asked for refills, the waiter was quick to place a new glass of sweet tea in front of me, fine... No not fine because he then picked up the glass that I had been drinking from and refilled it with unsweetened tea and placed it back on the table

7. The other guest also ran out of drink and it was as if the waiter never even saw thier empty glasses

8. Now for the 2 guest that arrived later in our evening... The waiter never even asked them if they wanted to place an order for anything

9. Check time... Even though our waiter had not done the best job I could see that he had truly tried, so not only did I pick up the chicken for me and my the birthday girl, I still gave the young man a $5 tip...

Two of the guest left right after paying for their meals... But the remaining of our party stayed and chatted for another 15-20 mins (we did ask if anyone was waiting to be seated and was told that no one was waiting so it was okay for us to chat awhile)

10. As we are preparing to leave and after everyone had paid for their meal, the manager came back out to our table and informed me that, that piece of cheesecake that I ate needed to be paid for. We were all in shock because we all heard her say that she would bring me out a slice of cheesecake cake... My first words were to inform her of her own words, and I told her that after such poor service that I wasn't paying for nothing else that she could take the money out of the tip that the waiter got. She informed me that legally she couldn't make him pay for anything but that she could "legally make me pay for it." I lol at her and if it was for the birthday girl offering to pay for it, I would not have done so myself

according to your night manager, "out of the 2 cheesecakes that were delivered to the table, only 1 of them were supposed to be free."

after paying for that cheesecake I quickly brought it to her attention that our table actually had 3 plates of cheesecake delivered and I pointed out to all 3 cheesecake plates that were on the table and it should have been obvious at that time considering where the plates were located that the cheesecake that was actually left off of one of our bills belonged to one of the two guest that had already left.

Again I want to say the service that our party received was horrible

Nov 19, 2017

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