Ruby Tuesday / service and food

Me, my sister and my aunt went to Ruby Tuesday today. We all ordered the same thing. The triple bacon cheeseburger. I made sure I said bacon cheeseburger b/c also on the menu was a triple burger without the bacon and cheese, needless to say the waitress still messed up our order and we got a burger without bacon or cheese. We told her that the order was wrong so she apologized and said they would fix it. When they brought our food back, we got a burger with cheese and still no bacon..we told her again that they forgot the bacon and just decided not to worry about we begin eating our food, my burger that I ordered was suppose to be well done but it was still pink in the middle, I had to pick around the burger in order to not eat the raw part and decided not to worry the waitress since they apparently couldn't get our order right..We were 3/4 into our burger when she brought out 3 strips of cold bacon to us, by this time we were almost done with our burger and fries..I also asked her for a refill on my drink and she clearly forgot that as well and by this time was bringing us our checks..

Mar 26, 2017

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