Ruby Tuesday / poor service and upkeep

Wilmington, CA, United States

I'm sorry to bother but I couldn't let this incident go. The night of May 12 a friend and I went to go have dinner at a local location and were seated right away, it took 5 minutes for our server to come to our table, now we both work in the industry and understand sometimes your short staffed or still training but the server mentioned she had been there two years so that took those thoughts out of our heads, for her to take 10 minutes to grab our drinks and not be too busy is a little aggravating. When we finally got our food we knew it had been sitting in the window and for me to spend $13 dollars on a dish that came with maybe two pieces of chicken and 4 pieces of broccoli is not worth it. What really got me is when we were seated there were two table across from us that had left and through our whole dinner no one came around to clean off the dishes or sweep the food off the floor, as a person who works in the industry to see staff just stand around and not help one another and to have customers walk in and able to see the mess that puts thoughts in their heads as it did mine. After spending $40.00 on an unpleasant evening I just wanted the company to be aware that its not worth the money to get this kind of experience

Ruby Tuesday

May 13, 2017

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