Ruby Tuesday - Neptune, NJ / horrible service and food

Neptune, NJ, United States
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To begin the waitress, who was also the bartender could barely take the time to listen to our drink order which resulted in her providing the alcohlic drink, Ruby Relaxer as opposed to the Ruby Tea (pomegranate/ice tea) we asked for. When we bought this to her attention, she claimed our request was not available. She took our dinner order in very much the same manner by barely listening - when I asked if she had tried the new double chicken dish, she just wrote it on her pad as my order before realizing it was a question. I also inquired if the califlower au gratin was a new name for the mashed califlower I had ordered in the past and she said "yes"... when it arrived it wasn't even close to the mashed version - it actually smelled like cheesy feet. The entire dish looked as if it had been quickly thrown together and placed under a broiler for a few minutes. When she returned to ask how everything was, and it was clear that I was not eating my meal, she didn't wait 2 seconds to hear our response before she walked quickly away. When she FINALLY returned to clear our table, I told her how unsatisfied I was with the meal. She did not apologize, but instead said she would get the check. When she returned, she said the manager offered free dessert to compensate for the meal. Really? How about no tip and I will never again frequent this or any other Ruby Tuesday and share my experienced with others. I guess this explains why I never see many cars in the parking lot any more.

Jan 29, 2017

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