Ruby Tuesdaymy visit

Hello, I'd like to say my recent visit to Ruby Tuesday was very disappointing. When I got there and went to the salad bar there was no salad and many other things were empty. I had to wait for salad and had to keep going back to get croutons/cheese/etc. when we placed our order our waitress brought us an appetizer we didn't order but luckily took it off our bill. After we finished our meal our waitress had an issue with understanding how to split the check. I gave her 3 coupons to use whatever worked best however she didn't use any of them and told us she needed her manager but did not try to get him. We ended up leaving a lousy tip and paying full price for everything and upset with our service. I know the feeling of a lousy tip as I am a server but this experience was not good. Very disappointed and will not be returning for a while.

Jun 11, 2018

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