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Horseheads, NY, United States
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So I received an email, Fathers Day Gift Inside, that for every $50 gift card get a $15 Bonus Card and Offer available until July 25th. So when I tried to do online it said a gift card would have to be mailed so I went to the store and bought a card and got a bonus card so I could actually use it for fathers day. So they knew I wanted it to use for father's day and gave me the bonus card. When I got home I realized that it was good from the 19th, the day after father's day. Fortunately the manager said to bring it back over and they returned my $50 and I gave them back the gift card and bonus card.
What kind of father's day gift is this if it isn't good until the next day.
Your misleading email probably will result in you losing out on a sale of a family of 4 since there are other restaurants that actually will give us a discount on father's day as a father's day gift!!!

Jim Thomas

Ruby Tuesday

Jun 16, 2017

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