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My family visited your restaurant in Deerfield Beach, FL last night. Your GM sent me a coupon for bad service I had received at this restaurant the week before. When I presented this coupon the server came back saying this coupon had been previously used. I said NO it hadn't & she said both she & the manager had tried to use it. Then the very nasty manager who I had a problem with the week before came over & said the coupon was already used. I told him it was NOT & he said perhaps I had used it at a different location & forgot!! That was when I got angry.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Deerfield Beach, FLHow could I have forgotten in a few days & there are NO OTHER Ruby Tuesdays in any close proximity to me, so in essence this man was calling me a liar. I told him I was NOT paying the check. I had a coupon and that should suffice. He told me have a nice day MAAM!!! This manager should not be managing ANYTHING, especially not anything involving customer service because his customer service skills are sufficiently lacking or should I say non-existent. The only wonderful person in all of this was our server Amber, she was great!! Needless to say, we will NEVER eat at this establishment again. It is sad because both my daughter, granddaughter & I LOVE your salad bar!!

May 03, 2017
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  •   May 03, 2017

    He should have called the police. If your method of payment did not work, then YOU are still required to pay for what you consumed. You also say he called you a liar, but you called him and the server both a liar. You are a thief who should have been arrested. Or you could have been an adult and instead of showing your ### called the number on the coupon to see why they gave you a bad coupon.

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  • Ca
      May 03, 2017

    What evidence did they have to prove it had already been used?

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