Ruby Tuesday / disgusting and intolerable bartender

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Visited a1a Bellair Plaza Ruby Tuesday today at 1.00 pm. Had the worse service at the bar. The bartender was battered with a black eye, an not to her ability. Order lunch an that was over charged due to a 2.00 miss take. Had 6 beers ordered 3 more never charged. Order a glass ice got a glass of water. The other girl ordered a beer an was charged 8.00 for the coors lite that was 2.00. Now we will go to the restrooms, that were filthy. There was a towel wrapped around the pipes an a bucket to catch the water. The tiles are an floor are disgusting. I am a bartender of 34 years an my friend is a bar owner in volusia county. We do not service our our patrons in this way, an we are not corp. I will turn them in to the health dept. Disgusting!!!

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  • Ov
      Nov 27, 2012

    SHy dont you shut your hole. Anyways more to this story my friend and i went together and we were drunk so we were hiting on the black eye lady. Remind you we were drunk at the time and had no idea what we was doing. So they threaened to call police on us because we were making her feel uncomforatble. if her husband or boy friend gave her the black eye she deserved it because she is real rude. I asked for her phone number and that is when she got rude with us. She said she was married i said i don't care just one date with us then she got rude.

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