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Lewisburg, WV, United States Review updated:

Stopped to have dinner. While I am eating a young man starts a verbal altercation with one of the employee over a drug deal that went bad. The employee and this young man stand up in the bar area and start screaming obscenities at one another. This leads to a physical confrontation between the young man and one of the employees. The manager on duty, witnessed who witnessed the incident, didn't step in so all of the bar area patrons left the restaurant. After about 10 minutes of chaos, I told the young man that he needed to leave. He began threatening me with physical harm. He then spit on me. The manager who witnessed all of this behavior still did not step in. I had to call 911 to get help. When the police arrived the management did not identify the young man who was obviously a friend of the staff. This may have been the one of the most dangerous experiences that I ever witnessed in a restaurant. Ruby Tuesday and the management of this restaurant should be investigated over this incident and held accountable for their lack of action in providing a safe environment for there patrons. They should also implement a drug screening for all employees as this episode was certainly drug related. It is inconceivable that Ruby Tuesdays would allow this type of behavior to endanger the customers.

Nov 21, 2018
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  • Ic
      Nov 21, 2018

    You caused danger to yourself by not minding your own business. You are not the manager of the restaurant and have no right telling the other person to leave. You deserved to be threatened and spit at. If you can start problems with your big mouth by not minding your own business you had it coming to you. If you cannot take what you dish do not dish it. Why should the manager risk his life and safety because you started something that you cannot finish. You started the fight with the other man and you should be man enough to finish it. Maybe you need to be held accountable for your own action. Had you minded your own business you would not have been threatened or spit at. You made things worse by opening up your big mouth and you deserve whatever happened to you. The employee and man were acting like idiots because of drugs. What is your excuse?

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