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I made a purchase on on 01/14/2014. I purchased:
1 x Stock Full Lace Human hair Wig - Curly - NC003-s (NC003)
Hair Color #2 - Darkest brown
Hair Length 18 Inch (Wig Weight-185g)
Hair Texture Silky (Non-Yaki)
Lace Color Light Brown
Cap Construction cap-3. Glueless Lace Cap
Cap Size size-1
Add Beauty Styling Tools FREE Wig Cap - Light Brown
The total price for the unit was $379.00. The very next day, which was 01/15/2015, I received this email from Lydia (I guess they don't believe in putting their last name) -->
"This is lydia from
Just want to let you know that, we have already received your payment.
Thanks for your purchase.
And we have started processing your order already.
Please feel free to contact us for any other questions.
Have a nice day!"

On 01/19/2015, I sent this email -->
Good Afternoon Lydia,
My name is Savannah Lake and my order number is [protected]. I was wondering when I should be receiving this package & when I should expect to receive a tracking number? Thank you & I hope to hear from you soon.
Response on 01/20/2015 at 2.14 AM -->
this is candy from
the wig is still processing now, and because of our mistake the wig will take 4-5 working days to be received by now .
sorry for this .
at the same time, u need to confirm ur shipping address because ur shipping address is different from billing address"

So I responded -->
Can you please elaborate on the mistake that you made. The description of the wig I ordered was very clear, so I'm not too sure as to why I have to wait an ADDITIONAL 4 to 5 days for it. Also you were not waiting on my response to send the wig because if that was the case, you would have said something in the first email or right after you took my money. &&& yes, the shipping address I put down is the correct shipping address. I'm not sure if you're aware, but people can have a different billing address from their shipping address. Please don't use that as an excuse as to why my order is being processed late, because I will open a dispute with PayPal if there is any more delay. You have until Friday to have the wig delivered. Thank you.

Her response was taking TOO long for my liking so in the mean time I opened a dispute with paypal & I emailed them -->
"Because you have failed to respond to me in a TIMELY manner, I have opened a dispute with PayPal. If I am not provided with a tracking number or some kind of info in regards to my package, I will escalate the dispute to a PayPal claim. You have until tomorrow, 01/21/2015, at 8:45 pm PST to respond. Thank you."

They poorly respond -->
I'm sorry, I know our delay to your inconvenience.
But we do so in order to ensure the delivery of product quality, or other issues,once the error has occurred,
We will be returned to the original factory to redo, about the problems caused by us, we are deeply sorry, if u would like, we want to refund your $10 as the delay compensation.
Best wishes,

This is the chat conversation I had with "Helen" on 1/20/2015 (I know the conversation is hard to follow, but if you want to save +$300, it would be worth your while to struggle and read through it...sorry)-->
Customer support

Chat started
Savannah Lake
my order number is [protected]. what is the status of my order?
hellen joined the chat
Savannah Lake

we found I have opened a dispute with PayPal.
sorry u opened a dispute
'm sorry, I know our delay to your inconvenience.
But we do so in order to ensure the delivery of product quality, or other issues,once the error has occurred,
We will be returned to the original factory to redo, about the problems caused by us, we are deeply sorry, if u would like, we want to refund your $10 as the delay compensation
do u mind cancelling it

Savannah Lake
and?? that does not mean anything. if you send me my product, I will close the dispute
you have taken $379.00 from me, so yes. you do have my money

when u close the dispute, we will immediately arrange the order for u ]

Savannah Lake
so then will I get the package on Friday

so bcs u opened a dispute so that we stopped the order, if u want us to re process the order, the delivery time will be another 7 business days

Savannah Lake
then no, give me my money back. because I should already have the wig & you failed to send it in 4-5 business days

you are to withdraw the wig money, Paypal shall freeze the full amount in order to ensure our rights and interests
If we don't have to take any measures, normal Paypal will put money to your in 2 months, But if you cancel the dispute, we will give you a refund in accordance with the normal process, as long as three working days
so at the present, if u want to take the money ASAP, u should firstly close the dispute and announce us
what does a dispute have to do with you providing the service you promised me??

sorry for the problem

Savannah Lake
Noo, don't be sorry. Answer my question please

RPGshow is the very credibility of the company, we will deduct your wig money, these measures are not enough to control our etc.
Are the recommendations of the Paypal, if you are willing to wait for almost 2 months later, the Paypal will give the money to your account

Savannah Lake
Paypal is not going to refund my money in 2 months, so why are you lying? All you had to do was send me an email after you TOOK my money asking me if I knew that my shipping address was different from my billing address & then there would be no problem.
You said 4-5 business days. That means I should have the wig by tomorrow
soo when will I get what I paid for

don't worry .In fact, if u want to cancel the order, pls close the dispute, I will directly arrange cancel for u
and if u still wound like wait several days, we will deliver ASAP

Savannah Lake
I dont want to cancel it. I want to get the wig by Friday. Can you do that for me??
You have 3 days to get me the wig, can you do that for me??

You know our factory is located in China, so we use the international express mail, I am afraid it is difficult to arrive on Friday

Savannah Lake
so then why would you wait until today to tell me that I will not be getting what i paid for until another 5 days?

yes, that 's right
Savannah Lake
that was a question, not a statement

sorry I mean this the mistake by our representative, really sorry

Savannah Lake
Okay, so what I am trying to understand is...will I get the wig or not?

if u are willing to close the dispute and notify us, I mean u will receive the package another 5 work days

Savannah Lake
Is that REALLY the best you can do? 5 days. You can't get it here in 3?

sorry .this is the quickest time we could offer

Savannah Lake
well I am looking at customer complaints on & people have reported that you have sent them wigs in as little as 3 days? along with tracking numbers

sorry, that refereed to the delivery time
so to be honest, 5 work days is our quickest time

Savannah Lake
Well that will not work for me. I will escalate the dispute to a claim & paypal will send me my money back. Your loss :). Good night

Moral to the story is...DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. Not only do they not know how to communicate in English, they do not know their own policies, along with PayPal's, the company they want you to purchase their product through. Thank god I filed a dispute in a timely manner & come tomorrow, I will escalate it to a claim. At this point, my money is worth WAAAY more than their "quality" wigs. Heed my warning.

Jan 20, 2015
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  • Je
      16th of Mar, 2012
    RPGShow - Defective Wig

    “RPGShow has contacted me and has corrected the problem and once again has demonstrated superior customer service”. As a long time customer, I thank RPGShow for restoring my faith in your product and your company. “

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  • Je
      19th of Mar, 2012

    Please remove this negative comment because RPG Show has resolved all of my issues with my wig and I am more than satisfied.

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  • Pm
      20th of Jan, 2014
    RPGShow - Fraud
    United States

    I was given one of the RPGshow, 100% "human hair" wigs as a gift for Christmas. This person spent over $300 for the unit and what she purchased for me was a fraudulent product. WARNING: DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS SITE!!! This so called human hair does not even curl no matter what you do to it. After wearing a few minutes, it bunches and tangles, none of the synthetics I've purchased, in the past, has ever given me the problem that this piece of crap did. The women on youtube hawking the product must be given actual human hair wigs for their promotion cause that is not what you receive. They even warn you in the enclosed documents that you can take it to you salon who will verify that its real hair . . . BULL. They need to be shut down and put out of business. Nothing more than a Nigerian scam from China!!! I was a fool don't you be too.

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