Roxyorder number [protected]

Order Number: [protected]
Order Date: 22-05-2017
Shipment Method: Standard Ground, (5-10 business days)
Shipment number: [protected]
Shipping Address:
Duy Ngo 116 Athlone Drive
Cornwall, ON K6H 6J1

I ordered these items for my wife. She decided to return them. The return packaged was received by Richmond, BC, Canada warehouse on June 13th.
Up until now, I have not received my refund yet. I even called twice for the last two weeks. No news no refund?!?! Meanwhile, I have been paying interest rate of 19.99% on my credit card.
Why kind of business or customers service is this?
Please pay me back!!
Thank you!

Jul 18, 2017

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