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Roundpoint Mortgage Serving Corporation, has produced fabricated assignments Claiming to be a vested title holder in a property, when in fact it was sold to a different entity. stating they had the loan since 2011 but didn't have it till 2012 they claim they have vested title then claim they are a non holder (you cant be both) there a servicer and wont state who they are servicing? all there documents were going to an address in a different state were we did not live. They filed a foreclosure and are now trying to substitute the Plaintiff ? They were'nt the Plaintiff to begin with. Im getting ready to go to the media with this one they are gutsie the assignment has 2 document preparing companies 2 case numbers 2 customer numbers (OOPS) its so apparent they took it sent it to company #2 and removed some info of company #1 but left there phone number and case number and there employee, This is a pre warning always check with your original bank of who they sold or transfered the loan, in my case it was sold but not to them and I have the proof . why you ask? why would someone do that its a third degree felony where I live ? I cannot attach because there is a pending action,

Jan 14, 2015
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  • We are sorry to hear the poor experience you are having with RoundPoint. Please reach out to us at CustomerAdvocate.[protected] or [protected] so we may attempt to resolve the outstanding problems you have pointed out to us.

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  • Br
      15th of Mar, 2015

    Roundpoint is the worst servicing company on the planet. Run, don't walk, away from these guys asap. They will do anything to force a default, including not posting payments until days after receipt, no escrow adjustments for reality nor any analysis in print you can read.
    They also have no problem contacting you at all hours outside of 10pm and 8am, and then their csr's laugh for the 4 hour hold that they BRAG ABOUT.

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  • Bi
      24th of Nov, 2015

    My mortgage just go sold to Round Point cant get a hold of a manger or supervisor I am very disappointed with this company Im willing to refinance spend all that money to just to get away from this company, STAY AWAY FROM ROUND POINT !!!

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  • Pa
      28th of Dec, 2015

    Roundpoint Mortgage is a terrible company to deal with. I cannot stress enough how slipshod their mortgage servicing is, nor can I say enough about their horrible customer service. I have a simple problem: I pay my own taxes and insurance. Always have, always will, and that is how my mortgage is set up. However, in April 2015, THEY paid my insurance from an escrow account with a zero balance. Mistakes happen, and I understand this, so I paid them back for the full amount. They are still billing me for back escrow, even though I've paid them in full. Their very sad customer service people must go home at the end of the day depressed because of beat-downs they get on the phone -- because they have NO ability to assist, and even if you can get a supervisor (which is very rare), the supervisors just blow hot air at you. Nothing gets resolved.

    I have tried to work through their system for two months now, with utter failure at resolution. Now I am going to reach out to their CEO, John Delapointi, and COO, Brad Johnson. They can be reached at 704-426-8800. Wish me luck . . .

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