Rola Volkswagen Malmesbury / Vehicle not being properly checked and repaired.

MARMESBURY, South Africa

On the 15 July 2016 I with my family was on our way to Vredendal from Cpt to take my kids away. as I entered Marmesbury something was wrong with my car. white smoke came from my exhaust and it was missing when I gave petrol. I than pulled in at VW Dealer for assistance. I first contacted my mechanic in Cpt just to find out what the problem could be as he told me it could be one of many things replacing the plugs, the top etc. I than went to VW Dealership as they are the professionals when it comes to VW. I was directed to the maintenance area when I ask the gentleman the price on plugs for my 2007 Citi Golf. He gave me the plugs when I explained to Him the problem I have with my car. the other gentleman told me that before they put in the plugs they will check to see what the problem is with my car. they than completed a job card where I had to sign on giving them permission to sort out my vehicle.

I than handed them my car keys and was told to wait in the waiting area. My family went to the shop over the road to get some food as they didn't eat yet.

After an half an hour one of the guys came to me with an invoice that I just had to pay the amount of R433.20 which I did and was just happy that they sorted my car out.

we got into the car and when I started it a lot of white smoke came from the exhaust I mean a lot of smoke and the car was still missing under my feet. the guy that sold the plugs to me came out and saw all the smoke and told me to report the matter inside. I than went back inside spoke to the guy that completed the job card and told him that I was under the impression that my car was sorted out as my car keys was just handed over to me and told that I had to pay that amount on the invoice. I asked Him what do I have to do know to solve the problem, he said that they have to open the engine, I asked the mechanic who worked on my car what could be the problem He just looked at me and said nothing lifting up His shoulders which is really unacceptable as they are suppose to be the best when it comes to VW vehicles. at that time I was so angry and just left the store got into my car and drove off. I than parked my vehicle in front by Spar in the main road and made some phone calls to some one to help me. my mechanic told me that He would come out from Cpt to assist me which he did.


I just feel that the service was ### and just had to report the matter. I complained to VW and just received a notification that I have submitted a complaint but, no one contacted me which is also poor service.

Jul 20, 2016

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