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Rogers Electric / Employee

1 GA, United States Review updated:

I sent this to Mr. Rogers over 3 years ago never a response
This letter is long overdue. My husband worked for you r company on & off for 4-5 years as an Electrician. He was hired in April 2000 then laid off May 2002. He was rehired January, 2003 and laid off January, 2004. On January 5th 2004 after experiencing headaches for several days my doctor recommended I go to see a neurologist. I was admitted into the hospital & received several test .I had a Brain aneurysm. My husband informed his supervisor 2-3 days later he was immediately laid off from your company he had worked for 4-5years. Where we had health insurance. Neither my husband nor I were sickly at all we just always did our routine check-ups. We had to immediately turn to COBRA for over 2 years. We are still struggling financially to this day because of trickle down affects of having to pay for Cobra so I could receive medical attention. Everything went behind Mortgage, car note, etc. etc. Because the state of Georgia has “a fire at will law” we could not come to your company for any type of recourse. Your company laid my husband off because of the medical cost. No other reason. Your company had enough work at that time to keep him working. I state all this to let you know I am going to write the President of the USA. I heard his proposal regarding healthcare reform & at first I was skeptical but now I am more convinced that this reform is something we need so that individuals like me is protected from companies like yours. I also humbly ask you give your Senators, Congressman, (Republicans) a copy of this letter. People don’t think of how what they do affects other people. Well it still affects me & my family because of your company laying off my husband at such a crucial time. As you will notice in letter, I give you the respect of not mentioning the name of the Construction Company. My intention is not revenge or to get back but to make Companies aware how important healthcare is. Mr. Rogers, I cannot receive insurance to this day because of my Brain Aneurysm & because of the up & down nature of the Construction industry and the laws in this state it is impossible for me to receive. I thank God I don’t need medication or other medical necessities but I still have a pre-existing condition & because of certain factors I can’t work in stressful environments which limit me what kind of job I can get even with a B.S. degree. I still need follow-up, routine checkups which I have not had. So I have to rely on my husband’s jobs & most time (we have noticed) when he puts down he wants insurance he is laid off before insurance kicks in. The Construction industry (most companies) doesn’t want to be bothered with healthcare which is why the Healthcare reform is so vital to me & a whole lot of other people. Obama said “In a country like this, this is not right for citizens to have no insurance No matter of economics, race, or gender.”
Thank you for your strong consideration in passing this letter to your Senator, Congressman.

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  • Fo
      23rd of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Dont worry all will work out for you and your family. I could only say that I share the same thoughts as you about this [censored]hole company they suck!

  • Ti
      29th of Aug, 2012
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    tim coffey is a worthless ###

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