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Rogers Electric


Poor treatment of employees

Complaint Rating:  77 % with 39 votes
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Lin Rogers Electric
United States
Employee beware !!! If you work in the office you will be treated like crap. If you work in the field you will be treated like crap, and work unsafe. Rogers does not give a crap about its employees only cares about making money! If you do not mind being cursed at and treated like crap then this is the place for you. Like working under stressful conditions this is the place for you.
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A  19th of Jun, 2010 by    +24 Votes
NMR, I will leave my Identity, This person is speaking the truth. I had almost five years with the company. Left my wife on wedding anniversaries, my kids on birthdays missed a family funeral. I worked every 4th of July, sure I voiced my thoughts. The service manger of the North East Scott Lucas, has no real electrical knowledge, no real dispatching knowledge. I have it on a recording like other employees due, Scott admitting he can not perform his job. Give me permission Scott I will release it.
A  19th of Jun, 2010 by    +26 Votes
Everything you speak of is true! As a former Rogers employee I have first hand knowledge of this. All you are is a number to them. I have missed many family events! Horrible company to work for!!! Best thing ive ever done was quit!!!
A  19th of Jun, 2010 by    +25 Votes
Could not agree more. They do not know there [censor] from there elbow. They care nothing about the employee only the bottom line. The dispatcher must give good BJ to be able to keep her job, clueless [censor]. She couldn't find her way out of a paper bag. Not to mention she is butt ugly. Scott is nothing but a new [censor] in the wrong job. Get a clue. Trust me guys the office is no better.
A  19th of Jun, 2010 by    +26 Votes
Boy I'm glad to see I'm not the only one!!!
A  23rd of Jun, 2010 by    +26 Votes
Don't get me started on Scott. I know apprentices with more knowledge! I don't understand how he was ever an electrician. I see the northeast region taking a nose dive due to management. Several people have been fired or quit due to scott's so called new procedures. Which are all b.s.
N  24th of Jun, 2010 by    +26 Votes
Scott, was never a field or a class electrician. The idiot became employed due to his brother in-law. Thank God he is in the north east. Good for us bad for you, we had to be nice, the boss is related. Now people can see your the [censor] Scott not anyone else
N  24th of Jun, 2010 by    +26 Votes
Back off little girl.
A  24th of Jun, 2010 by     Best Advice +26 Votes
Wow this is finally exploding the way it should have been, I'm glad to see we have more balls than the managment. Oh wait, managment, Ernesto P. president of service, oh wait again NO ELECTRICAL EXPERIENCE working with tools or anything of the sort. Good call to place an idiot in charge of a electrical shop. For Gods sake Stevie Wonder can run it better. Guys of the East coast I would warn you but you seem to have discovered that Mr. Scott Lucas is also inept at his job. I suppose for Ernesto to pick him he had to pick somebody like himself who knows nothing about electrical work at all never mind what horrible people skills he has. We techs out here on the West coast are thrilled he is gone, the [censor] actually thought we were like a family out here, but then again he has no idea on how it is out in the field because his 6 short months in it tought him nothing. Maybe there's a reason he's on his third marriage and had to move across the country. Anyway at least the region out here in the west can now show a profit for the company it's just a shame the east is now going be dropping as fast as a lead anchor in the ocean. Just keep alert because Scott will stab you in the back quicker than the Son Of Sam could pull the trigger.
N  25th of Jun, 2010 by    +25 Votes
I glad to see there are some techs standing up for something. B.I.T., I can only guess you are office worker. I do not see you leaving your identity. Working from the Arizona, we really do not get to talk to any one from Georgia. It seems to us that there are separate companies, one tech relocated to the North East he tells me that y'all treated different and now Scott Lucas aka nut-less monkey and Hailey Tribble aka shallow end of the gene pool, are trying to keep it the same there. Our manager has at least some electrical training. Things are much better now nut less monkey is gone.
N  25th of Jun, 2010 by    +24 Votes
Actually Irish is unemployeed, and a troll, if you look at her comments you will see she basically makes fun of everyone. She does not work at any of the twelve companies she is defending.
A  26th of Jun, 2010 by    +23 Votes
I agree. Money first safety Last. THE ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR and Zero Customer Service!

1.5 MOD Rate is twice as high as the OSHA standard. I feel for all you guys accross the country who still work there. Your nothing but a bug on the company truck windshield.

Your not missing anything in the Georgia office- none of them have electrical experience. Ernesto is just another suck monkey to feel the spot.

Glad I left.
A  26th of Jun, 2010 by    +24 Votes
Black Irish- Get a life, and get off a board you know nothing about or I will report you and have you blocked!!!
N  27th of Jun, 2010 by    +22 Votes
For anyone one who is fed up with blackirishteen, e-mail the site at the bottom and have them banned.
N  27th of Jun, 2010 by    -23 Votes
I am not taking any sides here. However I have been reading the comments left by people on here and there are a lot of people here who can be banned.

Biver80 - for the KISS MY [censor] response. While the letter itself is good, that last commet, complaintsboard does not allow that.

BlackIrishgirl - for making racist comments and trolling for atttention.

AZ tech - For racist commets

If this letter is reported most likely they will remove it. I must say Irish acts chldish sometimes, but Irish is not the only one acting like a child here.
N  27th of Jun, 2010 by    +24 Votes
stop getting off the subject, that is a rogers ploy. Separate and concur. Rogers is a company that cares only for the three trust babies, Lynn created a great company, his daughter has created a greedy company. My numbers speak for me. I have been promised a raise for two years, nothing. BIT, if you are in favor of that, move to Asia they believe in the company first. I work hard, I generate a lot of profit, I am to stay in a room with another tech I do not know, stay in a hotel that is under ninety dollars(including tax, do you know what kind of hotels we get in cali for that) meanwhile the officers, project mangers and dispatches stay in double trees, private suites and all meals are paid for. is that fair, NO. The new generation has the reward with no risk. Lynn Rogers plan is gone up in dollars, the employees were thanked, now they are patronize. Obma get the county back on track so I can leave.
N  28th of Jun, 2010 by    +25 Votes
It will be fun to sit back and watch this company fall. Scott is putting the N.E. in a hole by pushing out so many guys. Sure they will rehire, but who? Some 20 year old who cannot do the job. None of the stores are going to put up with that. Just remember what goes around comes around, and it comes back and bits you in the [censor].
N  28th of Jun, 2010 by    +17 Votes
I removed nothing the board did, just like they removed everything you posted and soon will be removing you.
N  28th of Jun, 2010 by    -21 Votes
bover20 as the adult here you need to ignore BIT, and not feed her any attention. That is what this kid wants attention and you are giving it to her. As the adult the mature thing to do would be to ignore her posts. They don't reply when they are being ignored. Turn the other cheek and ignore her.
A  28th of Jun, 2010 by    +23 Votes
There have been some true things said here but as a older statesman of the company much has been forgotten. Yes Scott Lucas is a uneducated worm who wiggled his way through to where he is. Lets not forget that Linn himself wasn't a bad guy along with Daniel. For such a educated man Mr Rogers. (yes his neighberhood is in Alpharetta) left two children in charge. Usually you can say the apple didnt fall far from the tree but in this case the apple rotted on top of the tree and it never fell. Just because your born into money doesnt mean you know how to handle it. Folks I have to see these people on a regular basis and yes there nice but really have no clue but I guess thats what happens when you live in the neighberhood. Lindsey in HR please what does HR stand for anyway? Havent Realized? Good luck to all.
N  28th of Jun, 2010 by    +23 Votes
Lets put it simple the new management in sucks, Lindsey Rogers is inept at her job

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