RoadMaster / How i got led on being told everything is ok

3016Bluff road, Indianapolis, IN, United States

I was told by my recruiter at roadmaster that i would be able to get financed with out any problem I told her that i did not have a high credit score and she told me that everything would be fine and i would be able to get financed no problem. Well the first week went by no problems then on the second week they were telling me that i was going to need a co-signer and that as long as my co-signer had a job they would be able to co-sign for me. Every person i had call to co-sign for me roadmaster wouldnt accept them. I was able to slide by and make it to my final week and two days before i was suppose to go and take my test and get my CDL roadmaster told me that i needed 1 thousand dollars TODAY or i cant finish!!!??? I was never late to any class i didnt ever miss a day of my schooling and i was top of my class and they just kicked me out 2 days before graduation because i didnt have $1000 in hand at that time! They never let me know ahead of time that I would have to pay $1000 and they made me think everything was okay and i was financed and getting hired on to Warner Bros. and i put in all of this work and time and effort for nothing all i did was waste my time and money for nothing. They are not straight up and honest about anything and i had other schooling options besides them and now its too late to do those other options so now i am just totally screwed because of roadmaster leading me on!!! I would never reccomend anyone to go thru roadmaster they are a JOKE and will do anything to get money. They claim to help you get a job and work with you on this and that and there are no problems your accepted with NO money down and thats NOT the case at all. THEY ARE FRAUDS DONT TRUST WHAT THEY SAY!!!

Apr 10, 2013

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