Riverbend Moving & StorageOvercharged & Damaged Property

N Aug 09, 2016

Do not hire this company, they will overcharge you and then not accept responsibility for the damage to your property!

This is my complaint to the Better Business Bureau:

I hired Riverbend Movers for my move & was given a quote but told if I moved some stuff on my own it would be less. They also damaged property.
I had a horrendous experience with Riverbend Movers. As I had to work, I had my mom there during the move. Issues started first thing when their truck broke and the team lead spent his time worrying about the truck as opposed to organizing the move. The estimate I was given was for approximately 9 1/2 hours & $1600.00, that was if I did not move anything before they got there. I moved 3 pickup trucks and 3 SUV loads full before the movers came and expected the bill to be significantly less. I expected the move to take no more then 5 hours with what I had previously moved, and an absolute maximum of 6 hours. The way they moved it was if they were dragging it out to meet the original 9 1/2hr estimate. They also damaged my table and bed frame in the move.

1) When the truck was broken, it seemed the lead was more concerned with the truck issue than organizing the move. This issue was not my fault and I shouldn't have to pay for time that he was sorting this problem out.

2) They were not organized and it took over 45 min or so to bring supplies up to my condo for packing.

3) I am told they took their sweet time on the packing, especially the wardrobe which was only 3 boxes with clothes on hangers.

4) There was not much left to pack as it was mainly the walk in closet, 2 cupboards of dishes and a drawer of cutlery and a few odds and ends. My mom said it was painful at times to watch how slow things went. They would also bring 1 tiny item on the dolly at a time instead of a full load which wastes time.

5) My table was damaged with a few chips on it and a few scratches on the top. It was moved without being wrapped and only wrapped once in the truck, so that is likely how this happened. My bed frame also has a large scratch in it.

6) The replacement truck was too small for my stuff so they had to waste time constantly reorganizing to fit it all. Again, this is time that I should not be responsible for.

7) It felt like they dragged the day out to get a full day and come close to the original quoted amount. I had taken 3 pickup truck loads and 3 SUV loads to the apartment myself previously. My mom also moved a bunch of small stuff aside for me to move afterwards as well as took some things down from my condo for them because of the rate they were moving.

With what I had left in the condo, I really feel it should have taken no more than 5 hours to do with 3 people and the proper equipment. The owner Wayne also needs to be more professional and understanding in dealing with customers instead of yelling and swearing at them. When I disputed the bill he was yelling and swearing at me. I think I have good reason to feel like I was being taken advantage of when they tried to bill for 9 1/2 hours. After arguing with Wayne I agreed to pay for 6 hours. However, at the rate they worked and screwed around for the day I feel like my bill should be no more then 5 hours and I would like a refund for the 6th hour that I paid for. I also want a refund for the moving boxes as they promised in the original quote which they are now refusing to provide and the damages on my dining room and bedroom furniture covered. They are refusing to refund the boxes as promised or repair damages caused by them. This is a very unprofessional and unreliable company who doesn't take responsibility for their mistakes and tries to take advantage of customers. The owner Wayne is very rude and unprofessional as well.

Time Frame:
9:10am - Arrived at 280 Fairhaven Rd.
10:00am - Finally set up to begin packing & moving.

They took all the time in between to pack the few remaining items and move them out.

2:00pm - Left Fairhaven Rd for downtown
3:10-3:15pm - Arrived at 120 Donald St.
5:00pm - Finished assembly of bed and unloading all items into my new place.
With travel time included and minus the hour+ they disappeared for between 2 & 3 that's 8 1/2hrs. Minus the other issues through the day & I feel 5 hrs is the max I should be paying for.

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