[Resolved] Rita's Florist / birthday bouquet

California, MD, United States
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I ordered flowers last night for same-day delivery; to be delivered for today to my mom in Arkansas for her birthday. I'm in Texas. I assumed this was a local company because when I typed in the florist in the city where I'm from, this particular site pulled up. They took my money from an online order, and then this morning I got a strange message saying that the money was refunded. I called my bank they said no money had been refunded yet, so I'm still waiting to see if flowers show up or I get my money back; which I highly doubt it. I already had a feeling this company was definitely a scam. I should have looked into them deeper but I didn't. Do not order from them ever!!! So my bank said that they will conduct some sort of Investigation if I don't get my money back within 5 days. THIS is terrible; I'm so pissed!!!

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    nothing has been done to resolve the situation I made a mistake and hit the wrong button on the computer didn't mean to Mark resolved

Oct 25, 2018

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