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We purchased 30 vacations from TAN in2007 for 12, 000. Each vacation is for a one bedroom condo for 1 week in a variety of locations. Our sales pitch was given by a company inCincinnati named Smart Travel. We were told that the accomodations were 4 star properties and that they had " lots to choose from in the south Fla east coast area. ( these weeks cost $ 309 ea. in season plus we pay a 340. annual maintenance fee in Feb.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Millersville, MD) So far we have taken 7 trips and they have all been below expectations big time except for one location on Marco Island. We've suffered everything from a roof leak over our bed in the middle of the night to dirty rundown units, to huge cockroaches. This is not to mention that there is absolutely nothing in south east Fla. except a crappy looking place in Lake Worth far from the beach. We also have spoken to other suckers who have been disappointed and found that they got the same deal for 9, 000. I would love to get our money back and get out of this "club".

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      Jun 26, 2011

    Old furnisher, bugs Don't tell closest airportor how many beds not enought pots and pans.Talked to manager about bad phone wire and other things and nothing done.

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      Jan 07, 2012

    I also was suckered into buying the 30 week plan. We were given an additional 3 weeks as an incentive. The cost to us was also 12, 000. I was sold the program by Sundance Vacations in the Milwaukee area. I was told all locations were at least a 4 star. The plan covered a 1 bedroom unit for a $99 booking fee. No additional charges unless it was in a preferred time slot. If all that was available was a 2 bedroom unit that would be at no extra charge. I have been very disappointed with the locations we went to. They have all cost additional money. The amount I had to pay extra was equal to what I could of booked independently elsewhere. The last place in Destin FL was in the middle of a parking lot area. The floor/carpeting was filthy there was garbage on the kitchen floor, and the tub looked like no one had cleaned it for a very long time. We had driven there from Milwaukee WI and couldn't stay there. From the Destin area we booked through another agency got a three bedroom, lofted unit on the water for less than what the up-charge for the other place was. When I called to complain and be reimbursed financially for the week I was offered another week with no refund on "extra charges". I am canceling my plan which I paid for in full to stop the "maintenance fees". VERY DISAPPOINTING!

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