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Lantana, FL, United States

We moved to Lantana Cascade 6 years ago The park was really nice and being run good The maintenance man Mark Grisham was awesome What ever had to be done, he gave up his time and kept this park well maintained That has all disappeared Fences around pumps are all destroyed, coming into the park fences need to be repaired, gates don't work, light don't work on fountain, and the trailers that are across from the office should be painted and clean up their yards. What a sight people have to see if they come in to check this place out. What a disgrace. I have never met the new manager Vicki, but it seems since she took over this place it has gone down the tubes. Isn't it her job to make sure this place looks nice and things maintained. Half the lights don't work around the lake. Mark would replace them as soon as they went out. He fixed all the fences when needed. It was nice having friends over, but now it is embarrassing.. You collect our rent, but do nothing else for us. The pool use to be heated, that hasn't worked in years. If I was a company like yours I would make sure it was run right, and show people who rent your properties that they matter. I call your company a low life one, that is only out for the money. Plus, I do not live here year round, so when rent is due, you should email people like me our bill at least a week before it is due. I pay all the time, but do not like paying a late fee because you are not doing a good job getting the bills out on time. Get someone who cares to manage this park, and hire someone with a decent salary to maintain it. Right now you are throwing money into the wind. I am hoping someone gives Mark back his job with a decent salary, and make this place nice again. Sonia, does a awesome job, but her hands are tied because she works for you. I hope you read this and do something about it. What would you do if your family lived here, wouldn't you want it to be nice Respect the people you rent to as if they were your family. Thank you

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    Please read the letter I wrote Thank you

Jan 20, 2018

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