RHP Properties / poor management / maintenance

Pleasant View, TN, United States

I have lived in evergreen village for almost two decades. The current owners (Rhp) cannot keep a property manager in the office. The worst managers to date. We have a manager for a week then without for months. This past summer the pool was supposed to open at the end of may. However it didn't open up til late july early august. Now that it has been snowing, the plow doesn't come until the snow is already packed down into ice. Then in the next few days when it gets warmer they don't plow or clean up the streets. My husband got stuck in a dip in his 4x4 truck due to snow build up. When we call the office with questions or concerns most, if not all the time, you get the answering service that hangs up on you.

Jan 10, 2017

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