[Resolved] Reward Zone USA / lots!!? at least three gift cards.

United States

Okay I go and I completely online services to help with my family I have done the gift cards through Reward Zone USA I will complete the tedious surveys they have every time I go to do the gold silver bronze I am a poor mother of children I do not have money to sat there and do that every time that they want to send me there for every little thing I have already been to the SafeLink or cuing I have already been to Fingerhut I have been to several these places and they still won't give me my darn cards

  • Resolution statement

    I did try to call them and their number does not answer to the voicemail anymore I did send them a message I'll let them know of the Amazon with the +48-936-693-9951 of the Walmarts of 728-925-1662 for there are others that are in their I did complete their surveys went through their offer first I did complete their gold silver bronze but every time I go in there is like they had no record of it at all

Feb 8, 2019

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