Reward Zone USA$1,000 visa

I have completed all incentives surveys and create an account but your website is telling me that my email account was invalid and that all my purchases not credited to my account. I even went to the extent of using my other email account and paid for the claims deal with both email accounts and I still get nothing the website still tells me I'm not a subscriber.

  • Updated by Justina86, Dec 09, 2018

    Me once again since I didn't get the $1, 000 Visa figured I would try for the $100 visa still the same results...nothing. paid for everything even subscribed to more offers still nothing! Unhappy costumer!
    Not sure if it's because I am completing all of this on my mobile and it's not loading properly but it hasn't takin my money off of my bank card so it has to be right!

Dec 09, 2018

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