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I ordered a free sample from this company, "Revitol". All I had to pay was shipping and handling, "$10.98". There was no mention from this company that they would keep my card information to charge me for future products and I would not and did not authorize. The erroneous charge to my card of $75.94. This was outrageous. I have filed a dispute with my bank and they immediately cancelled my card, but no before this company debited my account for something I did not order. I consider these people thieves. The bank is working with me to resolve this problem. In the meantime I am bringing in the Better Business Bureau so that they can be made aware that there is a company out there ripping people off and using their card numbers to do it.

May 28, 2014
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  • Lu
      Feb 11, 2010
    Revitol - scam
    health buy
    United States

    They promote their product with a guarantee that you will see results or they will refund you the purchase price. However, in the terms and conditions they will only refund the product if it is unopened. How is that a guarantee? They will also make you pay shipping and stocking fee for returns. I tried to cancel within 24 hours and they refused to cancel and told me to ship it back. Well I may as well keep the crap or be stuck paying $17 for a product I did not even use. I highly recommend staying away from ordering through this company they are very deceitful.

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  • Sh
      Jun 09, 2014

    I want to cancel this order, can't get in touch with anyone- they are double shopping this product & debiting my bank account. This was supposed to be a trial anyway. I want thus order cancelled!

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  • Ru
      Jul 29, 2014

    I too agree with luckybones about GSCM Fulfillment located at 2049 North Lincoln Street Burbank CA 91504 and will explain my complaint against the company. While I was watching TV one evening they ran an add associated with Dr. Oz. for their products Dermology and Revitol. They were offering samples of the products at a reasonable price so I placed an order. It was express by the company in their add that you needed both products to have it work properly. I placed the order for both products but when it was delivered there was only one. I went on net to order the product Revitol that was missing and instead of the sample a larger one arrived. I tried unsuccessfully to reach them by phone for several days but the customer service number that was given was not in service.
    I was billed and refuse to pay for the larger size. I did open it and used part of it along with the sample size of Dermology. In the meantime another package arrive from the company. I did not open it and I am contacting my credit card service to see if they can resolve this. How can a company sell on the net with no customer service number to resolve any problem their customer might have??????
    I need to cancel my order and any future shipments????????

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  • 68
      Aug 01, 2014

    I want to cancel this order and not receive any future products IMMEDIATELY. I did not know this was to be an automatic shipment of the product..
    There is no mention of the price anywhere.
    I know I have been scammed. PLEASE CANCEL IMMEDIATELY111

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  • Se
      Oct 30, 2014

    I agree there seems to be no way to get a hold of this company. They need to be shut down. I ordered a sample of Revitol and was charged more than I was supposed to. When I tried to contact them and realized I couldn't, I immediately contacted my credit card company and had my card cancelled., I still haven't received the sample that I was overcharged for. That is probably because they were not able to charge me for another order. What a scam!

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  • Ch
      Nov 19, 2014

    In regard to Revitol: I ordered a trial size and paid $10.98 in April 2014 and the same day, I called and said I didn't want any further shipments. I didn't receive anymore but now I'm being sued by GSCM collections in Carson City, Nevada for $69.95. for something I never received and I did cancel the program. I paid the $69.95 only because I didn't want my credit ruined. I've dealt with this collection co. in the past and they will take you to court. I did read on a blog for these two companies and they are tied in together.
    Charli McGahen

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  • Ch
      Nov 19, 2014

    I am being sue by GSCM collections co. in carson city, Nevada for they claim not fulfilling an agreement with Revitol. I paid the $10.98 for the trial size revitol cream and called the same day to cancel any future auto-shipments. I only paid the $69.95 to GSCM as I didn't want my credit ruined. I want my money back from them. I seen on their blog that the two companies are tied in together.

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  • Mc
      Nov 19, 2014

    I do not want to be sent anymore Revitol anti aging cream thank you. The sample pot was sufficient to see that it did not do what it is expected to do .

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  • Qu
      Dec 21, 2014

    Same to my wife. She ordered a free sample, shipping charges only and IMMEDIATELY charge $150 to credit card. I have tried to contact them but they make that IMPOSSIBLE too. Very bad company. So far, we filed a complaint with the BBB and contacted our bank to refute the charges and any future charges from these ruthless, evil, cheats. Written a snail mail letter as we did not want to try further dealings with the Phone Banks / Scam Front that they use to get people to give up. I WILL NOT GIVE UP! You wanna stay young, stay away from crooks. You want to stay away from crooks, deal with good companies. STAY AWAY AND YOU STAY YOUNGER HEALTHIER AND STRONGER. Worst company I have heard of since the loan sharks called 'title loan companies' that our great society allows to charge 360 percent interest. Yeah, these companies are on level ground.

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  • Ja
      Dec 27, 2014

    Horrible Company they start auto shipment then you can NEVER get in touch with them to cancel. You will need to go to bank to cancel. Please do yourself a favor and never order from these people. Vaseline is as good as their product.

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  • Bs
      Jan 15, 2015
    Revitol - I have cancelled 3 times and it still keeps coming and charging my credit card I even sent it back
    United States

    I have tried to discontinue this product, by even sending it back to company they keep sending it and charging my credit card. They get you and then they don't care

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  • Jo
      Feb 02, 2015

    This Company is a complete Scam . I only ordered a trial of Revitol Cream for 5.99 plus $4;99 shipping, Within a half hour later I got a phone call from a rep who was tormenting me about ordering the second product that goes along with the revitol. I kept telling her NO..I just want the revitol trial size for $5.99 she kept harrasssing me and coming down on the price for the second product. I kept telling her NO, I don't want any other product. Well, about a approx 2 weeks later, my checking account was debited for $85.94, I was horrified. I immediately tried to call the number and no one there and unable to leave a message. The greeting does not even state who you are calling. I just now got someone on the phone from this Scam Company and he stated that I was suppose to cancel within 16 days of receiving the trial.. If not, I was on automatic delivery... I never read any such thing and was never informed of that. It cost me $34.00 in insufficient funds because of this debit, and I had to go to my Branch immediately to cancel my debit card and file a fraud/unauthorized report, which they are now investigating... REVITOL SCAM...KEEP AWAY. SCAM

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  • Da
      May 07, 2015

    free trial ordered and shipping for $9.98 accepted. Company tried to make two more charges immediately for other products.

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  • Re
      Nov 03, 2015

    Not only am I still receiving product that I cancelled, but they are still charging my account. I sat on hold for 45 minutes, just for their end to disconnect. I called back and tried to get a rep on the phone. I remained on hold for an additional hour then was disconnected again.

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  • Vu
      Apr 22, 2016

    I am really discouraged unfortunately I saw all these negative coments after I have ordered and I agree with all that's been said i ordered as well a product which was a free trail it was supposed to have arrived by now but nothing and they have charged me already for the second time I really regret trusting this company because they don't provide any contact details or an email adress that's valid tommorow I will go to the bank to cancel my bank card and get a new one

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  • An
      Jun 01, 2016

    I ordered the free trial. I was not aware I would get an auto shipment 16 days later. The Company never sent the product and could not charge my card. They have now sent me to collects even though I never received another product and they do not intend to send a product even if paid. How do you send someone to collects for a product never received? I called the customer service that was a joke. They would not even tell you the name of the company would not let you speak to a supervisor. Just kept referring me to the collection agency how is this legal?

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  •   Nov 08, 2016

    After I ordered a $10.00 product, THEY AUTOMATICALLY ADDED A $50.00 PRODUCT!!! This company provides lousy phone customer support... I was was HUNG UP ON twice before I reached an agent who would NOT ALLOW me to cancel my order. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM... While on their "over seas customer service line" a third party was heard in the background... a woman TRYING to cancel an order SHE DIDN'T MAKE also. She was screaming at them. THIS PRODUCT IS A SCAM, SNAKE OIL, and I've reported the company to the Texas Attorney General's office.

    DO NOT ORDER FROM REVITROL... they will do all in their power to charge your credit card even if you cancel.

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