Reservation Counter / I was lied to while making a reservation

First, they tried to pull bait and switch. After agreeing to a room price, and completing the transaction, I was told the room was no longer available, and they would need to move me to a more expensive room. I called them out on this, and they agreed to original price.
Second, I asked why their fees were so much higher than the ones listed online. They told me the online fees were wrong. They at no time identified themselves as a third party booking service. There fees are higher because of their fee. The ones listed online were correct.
Third, I asked to make sure my points at comfort suites frequent user would accumulate. They didn't identify themselves as a third party and say "no, they wont". Instead I was told they would be awarded at check in. That also was a lie.
When I discovered this, they tried to tell me I entered a contract and it was non refundable. Only after my insistence and explaining a contract isn't valid if one of the parties lies to get the other to agree, did they cancel the reservation. All together a bad experience.

Apr 02, 2017

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