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Rescuecom / I hope somebody puts a stop to this rip-off business

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I am enclosing a copy of correspondence I have had with Rescuecom. I hired them to repair my home computer which had been hit by a virus (Virus Heat). After 3 visits and $1086 in billing the technician came back on a "warrenty call" and after 6 more hours said the computer would no longer boot up and there wqs nothing he could do about it. Finaly they refunded me $348 on my credit card. That was the best I could do with talking to the company president. I received no benefit at high cost. Recuecom advertizes that if they don't fix it, it is free but then they hide behind a $250 limit in their very wordy contract. Initially I wasn't worried because they told me it would take 2-3 hours to fix it. Then when they took 11 hours to break it they say their limit is $250. After they were gone I booted up and installed a new copy of Window. Since then (3/28/08) the computer has been working fine. Another trick they play is to have you sign a spot on the service call receipt saying you are satisfied with the work performed. The problem there it that it is "Required before the technician leaves site." When the techniican left the first time he told me it was all fixed and ready to go. Then he stood there (at $98/hr) until I signed the form. After he left I found that the computer was stuck in a restricted boot configuration and many functions would not work. Of course it took me a few hours to identify all the malfunctions.

Basically it was a big rip-off. I have found out that Rescuecom has already been a subject (unflattering) of an investigative report by a local TV station in Syracuse, N.Y. where they are home based.

Enclosed is a worsheet I supplied the technician at his last visit. I had corrected some of the malfunctions as indicated by strike-throughs.

I hope somebody puts a stop to this rip-off business.

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  • Co
      15th of Jan, 2010
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    This company is nothing but TROUBLE. I agree with everything you said above. This company started out strong with more than 60 franchises, then lost like 40 of them because the franchisees pulled out of the contract after about a year when they realized what a big mistake they had made. The franchisees were literally making pennies on profits as the Rescuecom CEO David Milman was taking the lions share of the profits from them.

    The franchisees are forced to charge higher prices so they can compensate to make some money from the transactions, thus they soon realized this was a losing proposition and promptly got out of the contract. Of course, Milman charged them with a $10, 000 fee for breaking the contract prematurely.

    If there was a way to characterize the company and it's policies it would be almost Mafia like. The company does not have a friendly environment overall, probably which begins at the top. Usually the success or failure of a company is reflected from their leadership, so if the leadership is messed up, so it goes with the rest of the company. It's a trickle down effect.

    My suggestion is to stay as far away from this company as you possible can. Milman was forced to close alot of his franchises as a result of what happened and the ones that remain open are being managed from a distance with no real accountability for the technical support. The morale in this company is low so therefore the performance results are also going to be low.

  • Si
      18th of Jan, 2011
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    I certainly agree with the way this guy runs his buisness. I might add a small jive-time buisness which only pays minium wage to its employees. If you are lookin for a short-term posistion RESCUECOM is your place to work. I was an employee there and wittness people either being fired or just walking off the job. My position was a customer service rep. and True other franchise forfeited their contract because of the frustration and headaches. They did not give a dam about the 10, 000$ penalty i was told by one franchisee Millman would have to get in in blood because he wasn't paying one red cent or nickel. I answered the telephone with annoying calls from bill collecters trying to collect a debt from money that Millman owed them such as Telephone companies, heating and air conditioning company even the Light company called and threaten to disconnect the services. I recall once the trash or DPW had put a trash dumpster in front of his company and caddy - cornered so we had no where to park. But the dumpster was put there til Millman paid the money he had owed. This lilltle man had owed everybody everywhere money it was ridiculous and for me as a one of his employee to have known that was sickening. I knew I wasn't going to last long at the Company but I did not want to quit so I waited for the day for them to fire me for no legitmate reason and then I collected unemployment until I found new work. They were notorious for firing people at a drop of a dime and they did it in front of others therefore it was always a scene. I thought that was in poor taste. MIllan was beginning to lose his Company when he brought On board his Lover from New Jersey JOsh Kaplin who is now president of his company.Kaplin had a franchise in New Jersey that was shooting bad as well so Kaplin and MIllman decided to merge together and rip off as a team. Stealing telephone lines or numbers from their competition The GEEK SQUAD. People would often call and think they had dialed the number to the Geek Squad and in fact it was no mistake but MIllman some how had the calls rolled into his lines which was another one of his scams. America do not work for this company or have them repair your computer or labtops youwill regret it

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