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ResCare / Fraud and scam

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I worked for EduCare, a subsidiary of ResCare, for almost 2 years. After a violent incident with one of the consumers I decided to work on oncall status, March 2006. At that time I called the place that was garnishing my wages to see how much I still owed. I was informed that NOTHING had been paid. My checks had been garnished since October 2005! Also 1 of my last paychecks and last 2 millage checks were lost.

When I brought this to the attention of the HR director he said he would handle it. After MANY months of having to go up to the office and inquiring about my money I received my checks in AUGUST 2006!

I was also informed in May that I was no longer an employee, since I had not worked in over a month. A policy I had never seen, nor had the new HR director. I was not asked to sign anything, and the HR director asked if I wanted to come back... LOL Ya as if!

In the time I worked at Educare, the top Administrative people were fired for embezzlement. It was reported that over a MILLION dollars was stolen. All the while, we staff could not get raises, I was not offered health insurance after going to fulltime status. One week before my wedding $600 was stolen out of my wallet. I think it was the staff I worked with. I reported it to my supervisor the day it happened and nothing was ever done. I did not get an apology, no admin staff ever questioned the clients or staff that was there that day. And that does not even begin to say what kinds of things they were doing to the clients!!! One example, before I left they made a rule that the clients could only shop at Wal-Mart. Even if food was cheaper at other stores. What happened to choices??? And by forcing them to shop at a specific store they would have less money for activities. Truly a disgrace!

I am happy I am no longer there but I feel bad for the clients who have to live in their group homes, with undereducated and underpaid staff and no money.

Supposidly there is a 1 800 complaint number ResCare offers, but I never saw the number. If all else fails, and there are issues involving the clients, go to the clients social workers. They are legally bound to investigate all allegations of abuse and neglect. That is how they found out about the embezalling. But you would think a huge corporation would have thier own way of checks and balances, but this one obviously does not.


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  31st of Aug, 2011
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I don't have an attitude towards this complaint, other than I believe what is being said here.
I have a sister that works 90 plus hours per weeks. She is a salaried employee of Rescare, and does not get paid over-time.
I contacted EEOC regarding this issue, and I read the information on the website that states that she should be paid for anything over 40 hours.
In her case, 45 hours. What really upsets me is that Rescare will not allow her to schedule any of her staff for over-time until SHE completes 16 hours (on top of the 45 hours of the "on salary" rate.
I tallied up her pay, and she should be receiving $1124.00 just for the straight time that she works. I didn't even do the time and a half part!
Why would an employer work an excellent employee like that, and then not pay them for their hard work? She has worked 7 days per week for the last two months because of the turn over in her group homes.
She is at work before 6 a.m. every single day, and doesn't get off until 10-11 p.m. at night. When she receives her check, it's for the 45 hours "salary" rate! What a crock!
I advised her to file a complaint.
  11th of Nov, 2011
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Same thing here...I work 60-70 hrs per week and I am also a salaried employee. When I ask for help to cover open shifts, it falls on deaf ears. The care in the homes have went down tremendously. It seems as though management doesn't care. The ED cares but the Residential Director surely don't. I have learned not to discuss any concerns with him because he just lets it go in one ear and out the other. He's a real piece of art. I am seriously seeking an attorney to see if Res-Care Marion Indiana is breaking any labor laws. Maybe we need to get a class action suit filed!
  11th of Nov, 2011
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So if we can get a class action suit started, what and how does all of this do? Will the employees that are not getting paid for all the hours, get paid?
I am going to contact EEOC once again, since I haven't heard anything in awhile. My understanding was that there would be an investigation.
I will update my findings here. If a lawsuit can be filed, I will update you on that also.
I am sorry that you are having a negative experience with this company too. Let's see what we can do to assist these workers?
  18th of Jul, 2012
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It's 2012 and the nothing has changed at Educare/ResCare. Good employees are forced out, while the ###s stay and provide poor care to the disabled.
  4th of Nov, 2014
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Thank you for sharing . I wish I would have looked into this company more. I cant say much till I speak with legal counsel. I do understand all your feelings. People with issues with a common place need to stick together.
  19th of Feb, 2015
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rescare is a company that send workers to people homes with out doing any work
  21st of Aug, 2017
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@michael dorch You are absolutely correct. The employees are @ the client's home to rest and do not care. They don't care because their employer Rescare does not care about its workers or clients. Restate can be considered slave trade. Rescare should rename its operation "DON'TCARE".
  24th of Mar, 2015
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Well I'm glad to see that other people are unhappy with ResCare. I work for ResCare and we are understaffed and they do not care. If you ask about vacation or sick time that's a joke. They say go online but that's a joke too.
  27th of Apr, 2015
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I was a coordinator for Rescare in their Workforce services. after a seperate site losing their contract I was asked falsify client outcomes. I objected and reported tocorporate Compliance. Within 3 days i was terminated. I have just found that a few sites terminated staff, all without a true reasons, an thenResCare has a Law Firm in TN to fght to deny UC of the staff. Only now to I know that ResCare denied clients the stipends they promised, had people without degrees 'as Classroom Teachers', threatened at least 2 client physically for demanding what was promised to them, and then denied people with ID from participating in their program (with is against the law). This is only a small part of it too!
  2nd of Oct, 2015
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I am a former employee of ResCare in California and the shoddy management seems to pass all state lines. They are dishonest, disorganized, and disabling the disabled with whom they are supposed to be caring for. I can't go into details yet because there is a possible lawsuit here. I feel so bad for the clients in the homes. They deserve to be treated like human beings instead of garbage. If only I was a gazillionaire, I would open my own business and provide the kind of quality care the developmentally disabled deserve. IF YOU ARE CONTEMPLATING WORKING FOR RESCARE, I URGE YOU TO WEIGH YOUR DECISION CAREFULLY!
  12th of Jun, 2016
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and more...Rescare/Educare also frequently disregards the requests of their clients. If a client wants something as simple as a state ID that would allow him to work they ignore it and do not get him one even though he asked every day for a whole year! I think this is because if this higher functioning client worked then that threatens the bottom line and gives the client more freedom and a choice to move out of their system. Another high functioning couple who wanted to get married but were forced to live apart because they were in "group homes" tried to sign up for Section 8 so they could get an apartment together after they got married. This infuriated the Director. I was told by the director that the BOTTOM LINE is the most important thing to Educare so this must be the case. Educare/Rescare is just one of those big corporations in the US who choose the almighty dollar over human rights. THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. DO NOT HOUSE YOUR LOVED ONES AT EDUCARE OR RESCARE! After I left there I wrote the corporate office CEO of Rescare of all the atrocities I witnessed and got nothing...i doubt the letter ever reached the desk of the CEO but if it did then he does not care about anything but money either! UNETHICAL, AGAINST HUMANITY!
  12th of Jun, 2016
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Former__employee why be scared if it is the truth! The citizens deserve to know!
  12th of Jun, 2016
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Also, the management would take what little money the clients had leftover after taking all of it for housing and food that they didn't buy enough of! and spend it "for the client". One time one of the big whigs of Rescare was coming to visit so the managment freaked out and spent all the clients' money on crap like wall posters and decorations to make their bedrooms looked like they had something in them...they don't let clients buy what they want with their own money! The clients do not have very much money to begin with after RESCARE takes their cut!!! And RESCARE bought what RESCARE wanted with the leftover money. not what the client wanted!
  9th of Jul, 2016
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I am a current ResCrap employee, and the way I describe my job is the "Walmart of Healthcare." We are allegedly an IRTS facility that specializes in CD/Mental Health issues. The Clinical Manager is a joke. She picks the youngest, most symptomatic of clients who could NOT possibly work in a group and doesn't care if the clients relapse, run off, etc. Why? It's all about the $$$ and keeping ### in the beds. Last weekend, over half of the clients relapsed because they let in a KNOWN meth dealer in. He was discharged, but there are still clients bringing in drugs and using on or near the property. This place is a joke, and no one cares.
  8th of Nov, 2016
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I am currently an employee for ResCare in Baton Rouge, LA. I love my job but the group home I work at duck and it's so out of order consumers need wheelchairs and they too lazy to order them for the consumer it not only but they consumers in danger but it also put staff in danger as well if we get hurt like today I hurt my back ResCare will NOT pay for workers comp.We work hard all day an not entitled to eat a meal at the home unless we bring our own food.We only get paid $8.25 per hour and have to do way to much in a Chapter 12 home because consumers not able to help us.The lead of the home doesn't care about the consumers hygiene, health, and much more.When we address situations with the home manager and lead about the consumers nothing ever get done.Its sad I wouldn't recommend no-one to work for this company.
  27th of Dec, 2016
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I am *technically* still an employee of ResCare. I was hired as a team lead at a very difficult house. I had to turn in one of my staff on a fireable offense... The staff member was put on suspension... But SO WAS I!!! HOW is it that I get suspended for REPORTING something that was NEGLECT??!!?? Isn't that what I'm SUPPOSED to do as a lead?? This company is terrible... I'm working for another company, doing the same work and when I interviewed, I was told that ResCare does this to staff all the time! So I guess I'm just supposed to keep my mouth shut and let individuals be neglected... Hmmmm... Great company...
  26th of Aug, 2017
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I was at a rescare office at a workforce location to try to get retraining and they are managing the fund for the Workforce Investmeant act funds here in oklahoma, they have grossly mismanaged the funds and there policies are hurting those in need of retraining here in Oklahoma. The whole corp is full of dishonest people ResCare should be dismantled.
  8th of Nov, 2017
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Can't really speak upon my issue with ResCare, but reading all of these other reviews brings alot of light of whom I've been saying I'm working for!!! A company that doesn't care for their clients or employees!!! Management all of them very unprofessional and I'm glad I'm now looking for a better job!!! I would not recommend this company to anyone for employment or for a loved one... All these Rescare sites need to be shut down

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