Rentalscars.cominsurance coverage and credit card be warned

Yes you can rent a car like i did in Thailand but there are games they play on the insurance. They make you pay to car rental company if there is an accident and trap you in the middle to reclaim your paid money with the insurance company. This is even after you have bought a comprehensive insurance.Upfront they will swipe a few thousand from card as you take your rental car and fail to provide a void slip for that amount when you return the car.
The real deal and truth will come out when you make claims. The comprehensive insurance will not give you any protection as you need to pay up.
The counter staff is rude. If you call them on the phone they will slamp the phone down.
The insurance company is a website office collecting money from you. No where to be found.
Be very very careful. Its not safe to rent from this company.
Please check other rental companies they too play games in the exclusion clause even if you have bought a super insurance coverage. The insurance company should not make us double handle claims after all we have paid for a comprehensive coverage. The rental company should make the claim directly from the insurance company with no exclusion clause. Its not happening here.

Dec 11, 2018

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