RentalCars.commisleading information / website pricing

Issue 1:
My husband looked to book a car to collect from Glasgow Airport on 8 April for 1 week and this initially gave him a figure of approximately £140 for the week to include full no claims insurance. He logged off for approximately 1 minute, logging back in again, to finalise a booking. The above figure for the same vehicle had risen to £209 in total. ( Almost £60 more).
We cancelled this car today.ref [protected].
I was told this had been cancelled straight away and that my husband's credit card would be reimbursed in 5-7 days time.
However, this appears to be profiteering to me.

Issue 2
I went online today to look for a better price for a car, to collect from Glasgow Airport, for the same dates in April.
I booked a car priced on the website at £148.28 (The Vauxhall Corsa selected was £87.10 on the site, plus £59.99 for full insurance). The website calculated that this was the sum due. However, on completion of the booking, reviewing and submitting my request, I noted that my credit card was to be debited for £224.16 ! When I checked the confirmation email ref: [protected], I noticed that I had been charged £163 for the car with £59.00 insurance). This is NOT what I had selected.
( I have kept the email of confirmation for £246.16 and screenshot of initial booking for £148.28 as evidence).
I called RentalCars immediately ( 14.00 on Sun 22 Jan) and spoke to Cecilia.
I explained what had happened and said I believed this is verging on fraudulent activity by the company. She said that the £87.10 car selected was with an offer with their agent Green Motion, but the car that had been actually allocated was from Europcar, hence the dramatic increase in price. She advised I could cancel my online booking ( which I did) and that she could rebook with Green Motion at the price on the website ( total £148.28 as I had originally selected) . However, this company would debit my card with £400 for a deposit until the car was collected! None of this is shown on the site.
She also said the she will report the 'issue with the site too their IT department as this wasn't right'. She also said she can reimburse my card straight away ( so why does my husband have to wait up to a week for his reimbursement?).

Overall it is shocking that this kind of thing is allowed to happen. What should be a simple procedure is anything but simple.
I later noted that Rental Car have the following comments when I reviewed their T&Cs.

"Accuracy of Information
Although we strive to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, neither we nor our affiliates, suppliers or agents can be held responsible by you for the accuracy of such information. It is solely your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all information provided on this website."

It almost appears that they deliberately propagate misinformation- but it is the customer's problem if they don't pick this up themselves.

Please also note: In step 4 of the booking process, you are not given the opportunity the final amount payable before confirmation in step 5 ( I am referring unexpected/ random increases in pricing - compared to what appears in step 3, as the amount due).

I am serious considering referrng this complaint o Trading Standards .

I look forward to your prompt response.

Regards, Michelle

(NB I had difficulty uploading email and screenshot but these can be provided)

Jan 22, 2017

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