Renault FourwaysSale process

I was called by a financial sales lady who told me the good news that I got finance for my car. Needless to say it took forever for her to call, she says it was hard to get hold of me, which is not true. Anyway when she eventually called me, I asked her to send me sale details on email, which she failed to do so. She expect me to agree to whatever terms she has for me, which is absurd. I have negotiated for my Jeep purchase with a dealer before, I will not accept any interest rate dictated to me.

Then I asked to have my car delivered to my work place, for which I was told it is not possible. Renault Fourways is under 5 kilometers away from my work place. They eventually said yes, they will deliver. Needless to say I kept on calling to remind and check at what time will the car be delivered.

When they do deliver, I am bracing myself for more surprises...

I am not impressed with the level of service from this team.

Jan 31, 2017

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