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Reliance Home Comfort / Hot water heater (Scare tactics)

1 Ontario, Canada Review updated:

Reliance Home Comfort and Direct Energy are simply trying to steal each other's customers with promises that people will exchange the other's old tank out with a newer more efficient one. The bottom line is that we are the only place in the world where people rent these items and the longer we have them, the more money they make on them. Do your research and buy your own, finance it if you have to. These appliances very rarely break down and it is far cheaper over 10 years to service it a few times to ensure it is in working order. Watch out for D2D salespeople who are telling you your tank is not efficient or NOT energy star...These people come from National Home Services, Reliance Home Comfort, Enwise and Direct Energy amongst others...National Home Services will show you pictures of the inside of tanks rusting and corroding...Reliance won't do this because they are worried these pictures will get into the hands of their 1.5 million customers who will want a new tank if their 5 year old tank looks like the pictures...Bottom Line...Do not rent your appliances! These businesses make money renting because it makes financial sense for them to do so. Their service is not a priority, the environment is not a priority but getting their monthly rental fee from you is, this is how they afford to stay in business...By promising service but forgetting to tell you the parts that aren't included in your rental (Comfort Protection Plan) insurance contract...

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  • Be
      4th of Apr, 2011
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    I went through a Reliance Home Discomfort abusive billing as well. They called out of the blue a year or 2 ago asking if I was interesting in a home furnace service assurance for a nominal service charge which would be covered by a rebate for the first 6 months. Fine. The bill was so first. It slowly increased the following year and then I was sent multiple bills at different prices. I called them and tried to cancel and was told I had to send them a letter in the mail to cancel. Good enough...after digging through their paperwork there was no apparent address to cancel so I called them back and they told me I could cancel by sending an email. They gave me an email address and I sent off my cancellation.
    In a short period I received a MAILER DAEMON indicating the email address did not exist. I called back and became belligerent enough that I was referred to someone that only gave me his first name and when he started going through the same spiel about having to mail them I told him to stop feeding me ### and cancel my account and the creative billing.
    He then got hold of his supervisor and I finally got a cancellation authorization number.
    The following month the bills kept coming with different values that could not be followed so i had to go back to their billing department to stop any collection agency from destroying my good name. I went through 4 levels of being put on hold with the same lying crap and would not get referred to a "supposed" higher person until I started swearing about their criminally insane abusive behavior. When the last guy finally got on the phone after about 15 minutes on hold I had finally figured out that I should be able to go on their website, sign up for my account number, and unsubscribe on their website...THE WEBSITE DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO MAKE A PASSWORD TO ACCESS YOU ACCOUNT!!!@%$?.
    The last guy on the phone tried to make it go away if I just paid the last bill from the time I made the first complaint and after explaining that the bill was paid in full at the time and I had a bank record to prove it and that I wanted his last name and location of his office so I could sue, he sent me an e-mail verifying the account was cleared and it actually had his full name and a reliance logo.
    I think this is what the dragons on Dragon Den call squeezing the customer for more money.
    These guys should be in jail.
    We consumers need protection from this.
    I suggest anyone that has had to deal with this company or any other creative billing ( Rogers perhaps or Bell?) should contact their politicians during this election and have these thievery practices obliterated !

  • Pe
      30th of Sep, 2011
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    I cannot understand how this company remains in business. They are very creative in all aspects of their services, and unfortunately, you find out the hard way after you "sign up", just how creative they are. Beware, or better still, don't deal with them and save yourself the mess you are going to get into. Signed by Pete E. ( One who has been there)

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