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Reliance General Insurance / Claim pending for settlement for more than a month after submitting all the documents

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Claim pending for settlement for more than a month after submitting all the documents.
I am having a real Nightmare dealing with Reliance general insurance. I have tried contacting multiple people with the local claims department, but to no avail, they never answer the phones. Logged complaint with the reliance customer care, was assured a resolution within 7 days, and now even after 20 days of logging the complaint, i still don't have a resolution.
I tried calling the customer care again, and was kept on hold for 20 minutes by the representative while he was connecting me to supervisor, i spoke to some supervisor, she put me on hold again and then disconnected the call. I didn't give up, I called again, asked for a supervisor, was kept on hold again, this time 30 minutes and i was again disconnected..
I have sent multiple emails to them, have attached them all, Never got a response, when i did get a responce, it was the standard template used in the call center, mentioning that we are working on the issue, please have patience, HOW DO THEY EXPECT ME TO HAVE PATIENCE AFTER 1 MONTH, for a claim settlement of just Rs.18000 when i was promised cashless service at the time of getting the policy.

Following are the emails i sent to Reliance:
I have sent multiple emails regarding this claim([protected]), but to no avail. I have tried contacting the surveyor, as well as some other people at the local claims departments, but they never pick up the phone. This is really frustrating, after a month and a half when the claim was initiated.
The documents were handed over to the surveyor more than a month back by Pearl Honda, I don't know what the surveyor is upto and why the file has not been submitted by him yet. I doubt if he has mis placed the documents by now and he had all the originals.

The total amount billed was Rs.17567 (Pearl Honda) and Rs. 2363 (Kumra Motors, Manimajra, Chandigarh).

I never expected this kind of delay from Reliance insurance. and i wonder if there are so many hassles and so much running around for a claim of mere 18-20, 000, God forbid if there is a major accident, then what the company would do???

Today also i was on hold with Reliance insurance customer care for 30 minutes, twice and was disconnected by the people there both the times, they just kept me on hold, stating that they are connecting to some senior, and then i was disconnected. It was really frustrating to hold for 30 minutes and then just get disconnected.

Try to understand that i made the payment on a credit card and i am bearing interest on the same, i wonder who is going to bear that interest.

I had sent emails earlier too, never got a response, even now i don't have much hopes, but this email too is for my record and proof of harassment by reliance.

If anyone reads this email, kindly provide some contact detail, some one who can help me settle all this, or i may have to go the legal way.


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