Regus Business Centersbusiness continuation fee

I signed a 3 month lease with regus for $ 540.00 with a $ 370 deposit upfront. I was informed that I could move in half a month early and will be pro-rated the difference. Regus apparently doesn't count mid months towards your lease term so in realty I ended up paying for 3.5 months on my 3 month lease and belive me they charged me every penny. When I asked the office manager if they had an extra white board lying around that I could use temporarly, they showed up at my office the next day with a brand new board, later to only find out they charged me on my invoice for the cost. $ 75.00 for something I could have bought for $ 20.00. Never was my rent anywhere near $ 540.00 always ranging from 600-800 for some extra charges on whatever they can make up at the time. On my last invoice I was informed that I will be charged a business continuation fee for $ 828.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Newport Beach, CA00 which was never explained or drawn out when I signed up, only to find out it was written in very small print, but never drawling out the cost of this service or what was involved. I had to close the business and sure didn't need regus to send me mail or phone calls for a company that was no longer open. Finally I never recieved my deposit back and informed that the office needed new paint and carpet cleaning which completely drains your deposit. Remember this is an office that I was hardly in and I kept it in perfect condition. I highly doubt any paint or carpeting was ever done. This is just another way for regus to take as much money from the consumer as possible.
Take my advice.. Stay away from regus and rent elsewhere. They are dis-honest and provide poor customer service. You will be charged, ripped off and scammed in every possible way. Better off renting a office that is upfront about all charges and don't use bait and switch tatics.

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