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Regional Acceptance / They're money hungry

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I bought a truck through Tallahassee Dodge in 04 they stuck me with regional accpt corp insurance was force placed on my account I did not have what they required which comp & collision I had coverage 22, 000 was added to my account I had enough of these *** I got so steamed & went to the Department of Banking & Finance (State Office) & had a meeting with a state officer My account is now being reviewed by the state department of financing I got a case number & things are being reviewed I might get somewhere It is very hard to get out from underneath these crooks. Other complaints are being filed with the state I have gone to Department of Motor Vehicles also. I will get out of this

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  • Ha
      4th of Jul, 2008
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    These people hold payments for 7-10 days and then tack on late fees to our account each and every month because our payment is "late". When we called we were told to send the payment in earlier. We live on a tight budget so the one time we did that our check miraculously posted 2 days later! And 6 hours before our paycheck you can imagine. There are huge fees to pay by phone or via internet so what option is there? They have called my employers office continually on these "late" payments and I even sent them a letter concerning fair debt protection with my attorney's information and they continue to call. Now they will deal with our attorney...but do NOT ever do business with these people. We were given these people because I married into financial credit problems. I have not had to deal with these kind of money hungry people who only accept people with money problems and then proceed to steal from them.

  • Ha
      11th of Sep, 2008
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    I agree with all your comments this has been the worse experience ever for me. They took my payments up $164 from my original agreement price due to the same BS auto insurance. I had auto insurance and they claimed I didn't. I still have auto insurance and they still charging for insurance and they have the proof, how can you do that? So I been paying them on a monthly basis and because I stop putting in the additional $164 because I have to keep up with my real insurance last night they came and repo my car. Why would you take a car from a person paying every month. I spoke with the tow guy and he said they said I had not paid since May 08 which was a lie because my last payment was Aug 31 08. The balance he said I owed was a $1K over the amount said I owed on-line. So I go to call this morning and no one answers the phone. How can you not answer the phone is a "business". So I think with they did to me was illegal and I am contacting an attorney and see if I can get a class-action lawsuit. I wouldn't mind having my car taking if I wasn't making the payment but to have it taking when I am I do have a BIG problem with that!

  • Te
      9th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    What you people think is illegal, isn't. Every bit of what has happened to you is because of you're own irresponsibility. I work for Regional Acceptance, and The Force Place Insurance is placed on your loan because you either switch insurance companies and your old insurance company notifies us of the cancellation of that coverage, or you have a lapse in insurance. And if you switch insurance companies, it is YOUR responsibility to notify us with that information. and hich if any of you would happen to read the contract that you sign when you buy the vehicle, that the requirement to have full insurance coverage on the vehicle at all times while financed is on there. So not only is it illegal, but it is a breach in contract, not only that, Regional Acceptance loans you 15+ thousand dollars, that you DON'T have, and because your credit sucks, no one else will finance you, and what you, as a customer don't reazlize, is that car may be registered to you, but in the real until your account with RAC is showing a 0.00 payoff, it belongs to US, and if you are in breach of contract we have to cover OUR collatteral that you so happened to just not be doing. So you people, with your credit scores of 500, that are the fabulous customers that i have to deal with every day complaining about this same thing(s), go get your lawyer, every thing IS stated in your contract. Quit trying to weasel yourselves out of something that is your own fault, maybe the hundreds of dollars your spending hiring that lawyer instead of being childish, YOU WOULDN"T BE LATE ON YOUR PAYMENT EVERY MONTH!!!

    Yours Truly.
    The Ones That Deal With Your ###.

  • Va
      17th of Oct, 2016
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