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Regional Acceptance / Scam and cheating

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Regional Acceptance
Regional Acceptance even had the car repossessed, and are still trying to collect payments. They never gave me any credit for payments that I had made, and even though the contract I had said I had 10 days before a late charge, August would still call one day after the payment was due and threaten to repossess the car--and even thought they repossessed the car over two months ago, they are still sending threatening letters. I am unemployed, and August does not care!!


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D  16th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I have read a lot about how bad Regional Acceptance is, but I have been and still are behind on the payments. I am now letting them take back the car because the car is a sour lemon and I have bee putting in a good amount of money each month, but with the car being bad is not Regional s fault. They have worked with me very much and been very pleasant and understanding.
It has amazed me how much people are complaining about them. I always keep contact with them answered all the phone calls, called them and emailed them.
But due to very bad financial decisions from my own side I have to give back the car.
I just wanted you all to know that there are some good people working with regional.
N  16th of Apr, 2009 by 
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"Happy regional customer" is obviously taking a few minutes out of his day from his job at Regional Acceptance to pretend he's a satisfied customer. His PR department couldn't write more praise about his company. RA sounds like a God send to this guy.
"am now letting them take back the car because the car is a sour lemon and I have bee putting in a good amount of money each month" Wow, what a great service they provide, you're "letting them" take your car back! How nice of them to do that for you. And who was it that was forcing you to put money into your crappy car each month?
"But due to very bad financial decisions from my own side I have to give back the car. " A little passive aggressive are we? Blame the customer. That's always a good idea.
If someone isn't making payments you take their car away. I've got no problem with that. I encourage it. But the comment above me was obviously written by a Regional Acceptance employee.
BTW - I've never done business with RA nor had I heard of them until now.
D  1st of Jun, 2009 by 
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RA has been more than eager to work with me on my late payments, I have received 2 defferred payments over the last 2 years, with very little hassle. I think you need to talk to them before you start in on them.
N  1st of Jun, 2009 by 
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You at least sound like a normal person.
N  2nd of Jun, 2009 by 
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I don't know about normal, but it is true - now my wife has wrecked the car so let us see how they handle that before we get all llovey dovey about them.
N  2nd of Jun, 2009 by 
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Good luck to you. Hope it works out.
N  2nd of Jun, 2009 by 
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Thank you - I am sending over the total loss estimate from the dealership so we will see
A  18th of Aug, 2009 by 
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several times i have promblems with my payments amd they worked them out.now this May they had promised me a deferment if i made 2 payments after i had made the 2 payments they denied me the deferment and wanted to repo my car they have promised a deferment 2 and never gave it to me now that i have sent in money they denied my deferment and want to repo my car they are crooks and they are lairs, scam, rude, money hungry in my opinion nobody should go though them they are very rude to customer's and they lie i will see them in court!!!
A  1st of Sep, 2009 by 
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As I posted before my wife wrecked the car which is a total loss on 6/1/2009. It is now 9/1/2009 and I have faxed over all required documentation on 4 different occassions and had several phone conversations with JB, Belinda, Denise, Kathy, Tamika at Regional and they continue to give me the run around transferring me from department to department and no one can tell me why the GAP insurance has not paid off the loan. On top of that they sent me a letter yesterday saying they repossessed the car. OMG!!
They are screwing my credit due to their incompetence adn on top of all that they still have no idea why the GAP has not paid it off.

I smell a lawsuit coming.
A  31st of Oct, 2009 by 
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This is what I have been going through just want to get the word out!

I would like a phone call ASAP to discuss the type of "customer service" I received. I have a new loan with your company and over the past two years we have experienced terrible circumstances. I have been making payments on my loan as best I can, which has been late and I realize that. NO MATTER WHAT STATE MY ACCOUNT IS IN! DOES NOT GIVE YOUR PEOPLE THE RIGHT TO TALK TO CUSTOMERS THE WAY I WAS SPOKEN TODAY.
Two years ago as a police officer coming home from work my husband was hit by a 19 year old drunk, since his accident he had to give up his career as a police officer, we lost 3 of our 4 family pets and our roof was ripped off by a storm. It’s been awful.
The car accident is what led us to your company. We needed a car to replace the car that was ripped from us by the 19 year old idiot. I was working with Betsy Watkins ext 24220 she is a wonderful woman who was concerned about our situation and who was willing to help, and work with us until our settlement came. I was so grateful.

Until I met Mr. Pinder located at phone number 302-234-6300. by the sound of his muffled, broken english voice I could tell this person was uneducated, and attempting to recover debts from trash was his daily job.

I HOWEVER am NOT TRASH and the way he spoke to me was rude, ignorant and un called for. He raised his voice at me and then proceeded to ask me "Now What You Gonna DO" over the phone to me like I was some ###ing hood rat, from the west side. I am educated and I hold a good job, and I fell on hard times and I am being talked to like this because I am trying to make payment and do the best I can.

No wonder people don’t call to make payments you have someone like Mr. Pinder working on your team. After begging to make a payment for the following Friday and being told, and I quote. "no Too late the car up for repo" I asked to speak with Ms. Watkins. Mr. Pinder then told me "It Don’t Matter, I sign her pappa work it don’t matter you want to speak wit her"
So now what? I get upset, which was the wrong thing to do with someone of no class because of course he just continued to treat me poorly. I then asked who his boss was and told me that his boss was the repo man and then he proceeded to tell me "I am sure he would love to speak wit you" After my husband got on the phone with Mr. Pinder and kissed his ### he suddenly was able to make a payment for Friday like I originally wanted.

IS THIS A GAME YOU PLAY WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS? DO YOU ENJOY GETTIING PEOPLE RILLED UP, GOOD HARD WORKING PEOPLE? IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT THEM? After this ordeal we have decided that when we get our settlement money, which I hope will be soon we, are getting rid of the car and NEVER doing business with your company again. no matter how bad someone’s credit is and no matter how bad the situation NO ONE should be spoken to the way we were talked to today! NO ONE and I will see to it that this doesn’t end here. I am sending this information to the better business Bura and also my local news.

I have been out of work most of the week with the H1N1 virus; Mr. Pinder had me so upset I was coughing to the point I couldn’t speak anymore. Which is why my husband took over the call. You and your company should be ashamed of yourselves.

In this day and age, no matter what, you need to give people the benefit of the doubt and look at the history and if they do pay but you know there struggling perhaps treat them with empathy.
Again I would like a phone call, I would like to discuss the phone call and I would like to encourage you to pull a tape of the conversation and I would be more than happy to go over that with you. No one deserves to be spoken to the way I was today NO ONE, and I want the world to know how you do business!

Nick Fote
N  10th of Jun, 2010 by 
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I have been working with RA I got a deferment in March, my payments were up to date and I didnt need to make until May this would put me on schedule and work with my limited income, however, I received a statement for May's payment, was fine with that, when it was time to make the the payment, I received another statement stating that I owed my regular payment plus an additional $210. I then called and spoke with someone in customer service, she stated that it was late payments, I explained to her that I had already paid the late payments in which are $10, she then came up with they charge you for everyday after the 10th day ur late. That was a bunch of of BS they charge whatever they want, I am working hard to try and get out of this loan due to my credit and my losing my job its very hard. But I am going to somehow get out of the loan with RA, They have worked with me, however, they have also robbed me blind.
A  18th of Feb, 2011 by 
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I agree 100% RA is a bunch of rude people who have nothing better to do but treat their customers like crap! I hope one day that they all fall on hard times (when people smarten up and stop using RA, and they all lose their jobs) and can't make their payments, that they are treated exactly how they treat us!
N  17th of Jun, 2011 by 
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I am totally freaked out . I had no idea that these people are so bad. I has to file bancruptcy and needed a new car and it seemed that i have no options. I know am concered that I am going to get screwed for the next few years. The worst part is that the dealership said that they were good to work with. I can now see that is not true. Has anyone ever had any goos experiences with them? Have the ever been will ing to re-finance your loan after 12-18 good payments? I think that the guy who sold me the car just blew smoke up my ###. Not very happy. I also just looked and they are not BBB Accredited. That is never good. So hopefully anyone that is looking for a car make sure you know who is giving you the money.
D  13th of Mar, 2012 by 
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I have been with this company for almost 5 years have 3 more payments on my car & have never had a problem with them maybe if some people paid their bills on time they wouldn't come and repo them. Get real!
N  10th of Apr, 2012 by 
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I think the last 4 years have been pretty rocky for a lot of people. Each time I was in a tough situation, Regional worked with me with deferments. Unfortunately what they don't really let you know up front is how much interest builds up with every deferment that you take out. Why do car dealerships work with them? Let me fill you in on a little secret I found out. Regional is quick to take a "high risk loan" and works with dealers to put people with not-so-good credit into a car. What the dealer doesn't tell you is that Regional may offer an APR lower than what is probably on your contract. The dealer then turns around and tacks on their own percentage, taking a cut of the final amount financed, so they not only get the price of the car, but they get a cut of the financing. I thought I had about 10 payments left, but with interest from late payments (my fault, I accept that) and deferments, I owe about $3500 more onto the remaining balance. So tough times turn into good profits for predatory lending companies like...Regional Acceptance. If you're behind on your payment, they will work with you, but beware, it's going to cost you more and more in the end.
A  22nd of Jan, 2013 by 
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f*** REGIONAL ACCEPTANCE and everyone who works there!! They all sound ghetto and uneducated. They treat hard working individuals like trash. No remorse for the hard times people can fall on. Yes, they MAY work with you on late/deferring payments but they call you a hundred times, friends work family members letting all your business out. I had them calling my job leaving threatening messages, almost got me written up. They call from 8am-8pm, 7 days a week even when you talk to a rep and set up pay arrangements. Can't find them on BBB website neither. I feel like I am being robbed blind with all the fees that they pull out their ###. I will inform EVERYONE I know NEVER to use them, as desperate as you may be you can save in the long run by steering clear of RAC. They are the worst ever.
N  18th of Jul, 2016 by 
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Regional Acceptance - Neglegent non returned call
Regional Acceptance
United States

Called 4-5-10 re: payment. Letter received on Saturday 4-3-10 payment due 4-6-10. Was told by Niya NO fee of $5.00 would be charged to my acct.However not the case it was charged. Called 4-9-10 spoke to Bella she offered no satisfaction asked to speak to her supervisor, after being put on hold, was told he was out to lunch and would call me back when he returned. You must take extremely long lunch hours and hours it is now Saturday 10:10am and no returned call. Great business good PR??
N  6th of Jan, 2018 by 
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i made a big mistkae buying going with regional acceptance they rip me off they toke my car toke my money i got a 2017 sonic the payment wear so high i try to pay the payment i been paying the payment for 4 mouths then they toke the car i call iand yell at them asking wear my car at they ack like they didnt know wear it was at they had to loook they kept me on the phone for half hour then they told me the car was takeing for none payments i have not pay them for 4 mouths that is a lie i had yell at them and they treat me like crap and they told me not to pay the car payment in money orde they need to be paid by credit card and say i owe 26, 000 i am so stress out about them how they treat thire i am not happy with them they are so me and rude they should be shut down i will never go to them agian they toke to many ppl over we dont need that i hape they get thiert trun
N  6th of Jan, 2018 by 
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how can u trust a place like regional they are rip off what can we do to report them i wish thier was help out thier for ppl like us whould understand wear we are comeing from it not fair place like them spouse to work with u but they dont it not right they really scraw my life and my credit up for thier mistke they made they dont care about us all they care about them and takeing ppl life and credit mass it up i am not letting them do this no more to me or anyone that went thorw this i am sorry for all the ppl that deal with them

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