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I'm currently attending school have 1100 hours in and definatly wish I would have looked at other schools and options. All they care about is money!!! I was not told untill I was about halfway through that there are overtime charges, and I'm at 75% attendence and if I drop down to like 70% in the time I have left ill be paying an extra $2000 approximatly. It is IMPOSSIBLE to keep 90% attenedence when your part time and there for nearly 2 years, which the ey expect you to stay above to pay no additional charges and be a "star" student. And they have this rediculous 2 a month late pass rule, and if you use them up you just can't go to school. And they are suppose to be worried about attendence???oh and I've been there a year, 1 same instructor. They go through them like flies. And most of them can't teach properly. Sure people can be amazing at doing things, but not everyone has what it it takes to teach. VERY DISAPPOINTED ESPECIALLY WHEN PAYING TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!

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  • Il
      Apr 05, 2011

    i too attended regency and have already graduated. i would just like to say i dont have any overtime charges, i was a star student, attendence never fell below 95, and was also a member of student council all while holding down 2 jobs...its not that hard if u actually care about your education.

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  • Au
      Apr 28, 2011

    Wow that is great for you, but doesn't really have anything to do with this complaint... You don't know what this person's situation was like, your wonderful experience with this school is in the minority...

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  • Ho
      Oct 02, 2011

    I agree with aurorad. Your complaint is voided because I don't know anyone who would want to throw money away because they didn't care about their education. I'm happy for you, but the say the same about all the complaints that have been submitted is a different story. All the comments that have been given are from people from other states. We don't even know each other. This school is scamming individuals who don't know anything about them. You had to have been a "favorite". My daughter went there form 4 months and they terminated her for 7 days, then they changed it to 5 days. Again, they changed the rules for their convenience.They claim she made 79% on her test. But they never showed it to her. They would only tell them what they made. They are liars. She went out of town, couldn't get back because they told her 7 days. So now, they terminated her until Nov. 21. She will not be going back. Just be glad they favored you instead of harrassing you. I don't recommend anyone to attend this school.

    Hotheaded Mom
    Cincinnati, OH

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